In SciFi World, spirituality takes on a new roll.
Merging ancient philosophy, modern science and pragmatic insight, our new approach to spirituality is authentic, tolerant and liberating.
No longer do we squabble over superficial dogmas.
No longer are the inner wisdom of ancient spiritual paths kept hidden… or left shrouded in plain view.
In SciFi World, free from political agenda, free from blackmail, the worlds historians, data scientists, anthropologists and linguists are decoding ancient mysteries for all to behold.
They reveal:
The truth about human evolution
The reality of ancient spiritual beliefs
The synergy between sacred symbols, alphabets, zodiac signs, tarot, modern psychology, and theoretical physics
Spirituality is now known as a journey within, not a journey without.
An integration of our true inner most authentic selves and embracing our infinite personal powers.
Rather than seeking for a higher external power under which we are inferior.
SciFi World spirituality recognizes the god-power within man. The righthood of selfhood. The morality of selfishness. The validity of ones own unique reality tunnels through which you perceive your world. The honesty of your own personal mission to grow, create, develop, become.
A spirituality of contradictions: of unity and separation, of ‘as above’ and ‘so below’, of giving and taking, of strength and tenderness, of earthly pleasures and heavenly clarity.
A spirituality of absolute coherent clarity: of peace, and love, and bliss, and integrity, and creativity, and focus and freedom.
In SciFi World we each see beyond the limits of superficial language and see with contextual clarity the wisdom that was beckoning us all along.
Now freed from the ravages of coercion, force and fraud within mainstream society, our minds open like receptive flowers, to a new perspective of eternal romance, creativity and harmony.

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About the Author

Gavriel pursues the three chief aims of all men: Sex, drugs, and rock n roll... or failing that; health, freedom, and love.

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