Linguistics & History?

Baruch Spinoza said “Nature to be commanded must be obeyed”.

CosmicElevator says “To fully command the future we must fully integrate the past”.

In SciFi World we quickly achieve the most reliable understanding of human history possible… in large part by understand the evolution of language.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning scans all available data to build insight free of political or religious bias.. and free of human error and limits.

In January 2019 the first public reports of AI/ML being applied to human history was announced:

“Scientists are using machine learning to unlock the mysteries of long-dead languages”

To date, CosmicElevator has collected several highly noteworthy references providing insight into mankinds true history (beyond political agenda and religions dogma)

100,000 Year Old Technology & The Roots Of Ancient Egypt

Alphabet and the Zodiac connection

Alphabet and the Egyptian Hieroglyph connection

The work of Christian O’Brien / Edmund Marriage at GoldenAgeProject including The Enigma Of The Phaistos Disc and Language Similarities of Chinese and Chaldean.

The current perspective of human history:

Evolution led to multiple intelligent societies over the past 100,000 years, with knowledge communicated via pictograms, then verbal languages based on sign language and human expression.

The zodiac influenced human belief and psychology, with man projecting human experience into the wonder of the stars.

This mix of human nature, exploration, expression, and interpretation led to spiritual, superstitious, scientific and religious beliefs and insight, along with the evolution of more complex language structures.

Eventually this led to the creation of introspective self-aware human consciousness (ref: between 40,000 and 10,000 years ago based on complex abstract thought.

Explore the links above to tumble down the rabbit hole of ancient human history.

Along the way you’ll meet Christian O’Brien who posits that the biblical Garden of Eden was a real agricultural area managed by a group that survived the more recent natural cataclysmic floods (Epic of Gilgamesh / Noah’s Flood).

CosmicElevator looks forwards to the geniuses of modern AI and Machine Learning building a reliable timeline of human history.

We expect the first AI/ML books to be published on Amazon before 2025. We hope they will focus on these topics of ancient history.

Probably, all the main ancient cultures in the world are much older, more evolved and more spiritually based than what modern history has afforded them.

Similarly, ancient populations and languages may be much older in the lands that we find them in than current estimates indicate. This would include the Proto-Europeans and the Persians, also regarded as products of nomadic invasions from the north and east.

Our current human history of 5,000 years makes little sense if our species is over 150,000 years as current science estimates.

The destructive effects of the end of the Ice Age, which saw huge land masses and coastlines submerged, the destructive influence of long periods of time, and the lack of attention by modern scholars used to a short historical time line may explain why such ancient and pre-Ice Age cultures have not been better discovered or recognized, even though in the case of India, they are still alive among us.

True history, not as mere technology, but as the development of enlightened cultures likely goes back tens of thousands of years on all the continents. The great civilizations of the early ancient world that we find like the Sumerians, Egyptians, Mayas or ancient Hindus are more likely the remnants or survivors of yet earlier great cultures that our history has so far failed to uncover. Indeed all the great ancient cultures that we find at the beginning of history do not present themselves as the founders of something new but as connected to earlier cultures going back into the Ice Age and before.

David Frawley

Further references:

Discovery of Egyptian Inscriptions Indicates an Earlier Date for Origin of the Alphabet, 1999

What We All Spoke When the World Was Young

The Origin of the Alphabet from Egyptian Hieroglyphs and Zodiacs

First written record of Semitic alphabet, from 15th century BCE, found in Egypt, 2018

The role of the hand in the evolution of language

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