Hedonism in Sci-Fi World is the obvious choice.
Each person gets to choose their own personal bliss.
Whether it be party or prayer.
With more economic freedom, and less political turmoil, diversity flourishes throughout society, and individuality is encouraged.
Indulgence in SciFi world involves gratification of the whole body and mind; described by the word ‘psychuous’.

(Adjective) Psychuous is a new word describing integrations that combine the activities of the mind, body, and emotions to continually increase prosperity, happiness, and romantic love.

Through all of the opportunities available to us in Sci-Fi World, we achieve a level of bliss that supersedes the old empty meaningless pursuits of physical indulgence and material distraction.
We already knew that too much physical indulgence has negative consequences on our emotional wellbeing and satisfaction.
Too much alcohol. Too much food. Etc. etc.
Instead, we quickly achieve such pure and strong emotional and psychological balance that hedonism becomes a dimension of everyone’s daily life, balanced with the emotional integration of tomorrow.
Hedonism is now seen as indulgence in psychuous pleasures; that is, of mind, body, and emotion.
Prudes stop judging others for indulgence. In fact, prudish attitudes fade from memory.
Based on the principle of doing no harm to self or others, every life-lifting pleasure becomes available.
Obvious when you think about it. But a challenge during the times before Sci-Fi World due to the suppressions, neuroses, disappointments, hardships, laziness, and lack of opportunity inherent in the old world structures.
In Sci-Fi World everyone has opportunity to pursue and fulfil their bliss.

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About the Author

Gavriel pursues the three chief aims of all men: Sex, drugs, and rock n roll... or failing that; health, freedom, and love.

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