Health in Sci-Fi World 2020+ becomes both urgent and easy.
Easy in the sense of access to healthier lifestyle choices.
Urgent in the sense of mankinds race towards radical life extension to protect and preserve our life experience.
In Sci-Fi World, life gets too good to die. We collectively seek ways to extend health and even stay alive for much much longer than we collectively desired before Sci-Fi World.
The new standards of living available in Sci-Fi World, the elimination of poverty, politics, suppression, and depression all lead us to want more out of life.
Sensors measure our nutritional balance, algorithms provide us with genuinely healthy and tasty meal plans. Services make it easy to enjoy a healthier lifestyle in every way.
Health becomes the greatest Wealth.
Long-term health. Forever health. Total health.
We realise how little we used to have in the old world of aging decline.
Now, in Sci-Fi World, we live healthily and happily. Could it be forever? No aging. No death.

Towards A SciFi World Health Protocol

Leading up to SciFi World, each of us develops a tailored health protocol based on the apps and info we have available:

  • Supplements
  • Devices
  • Detox
  • Diet & Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Exercise


Don’t waste money on cheap supplements (most of them are). Research ‘bioavailability’.
Consider Intramax for an all-round general multi-supplement.
Try nootropic supplements for additional cognitive function support.


Explore and trial different devices based on your interest, ailments, health status, and goals:
Infrared light: VieLight 810 (neural)
PEMF: ICES DigiCeutical c5


Coffee Enema’s help keep the liver and gut clean and healthy (UK option from Manifest Health)

Diet & Nutrition

Drink lots of pure water each day.


Basics: Aim for consistent sleeping patterns, un-interrupted, in a completely dark and slightly cool room.
Advanced: Experiment with polyphasic sleep if you’re brave enough.


Regular Running, in-home calisthenics, stretching (especially legs and spine).
Jog early morning or mid-afternoon at least several times a week. Helps stimulate energy, aids detox, improves circulation, balances hormones, and more.


Re-balance the body’s ionic charge with negative ions from mother Earth.

See Groundology for products.

As we approach SciFi World, apps and monitors (like the Apple Watch) will help us make fully informed decisions based on opportunity, best practice, and our body’s own physiology.
In SciFi World, health monitor will be constant and make it easy for us to stay in optimum health.

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About the Author

Gavriel pursues the three chief aims of all men: Sex, drugs, and rock n roll... or failing that; health, freedom, and love.

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