Genetics in SciFi World 2020+ is at our command.
Not only do we make full use of scientific advances to create healthy babies, we also use genetic enhancement services to enrich our own health, strengthen our bodies, improve our eye sight, and on and on.
Genetic technology lets us shape our human experience.
What’s more, we access the information wrapped tightly within the coils of our collective genetic code.

Immortals must be careful not to wound the sensibilities of mortals.
This book is not for everybody. The human species is now at a point of genetic fission. Assume that about ninety-three percent of the species is going to adapt to life on the planet. Ecology is the seductive dinosaur science that will lead most of the post-human species to conform to terrestrial conditions, become reasonably comfortable, passive, robot-conditioned cyborg insectoids directed by centralized (ABC, NBC, CIA, MAO, CKB) broadcasting systems. For terrestrial readers this manual outlines the neurological steps necessary to adapt harmoniously to hedonic, five-brained cyborg existence.
This transmission flashes a different signal for the seven percent who we assume are DNA-designed to attain biological immortality, leave the womb-planet, become galactic citizens and fuse with superior interstellar entities.
This manual is not designed for conventional author-reader games. It is a signal for mutation. A test of intelligence. A scan for personal power.
― Info-Psychology, Leary, 1975

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Gavriel pursues the three chief aims of all men: Sex, drugs, and rock n roll... or failing that; health, freedom, and love.

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