Authenticity & Ego?

Authenticity in Sci-Fi World 2020+ becomes the central theme of society.
Authentic experiences. Authentic expression. Authentic connection.
This is what life is meant to be like.
Not the old pressures of intolerant judgement, group imposed morality, or values imposed by local culture.
We each take delight in the experiences of alternative modes of living, and find our inner guidance compass to direct our own choices, preferences and pursuits.
Authenticity is the Achilles Heel of politics and religion.
Through authenticity we discover a sense of inner calm like never before.
Relationships become better, easier, freer, deeper.
Careers become fulfilling, creative, meaningful.
Companies produce honest, life affirming products.
But achieving deep personal authenticity is a struggle for most.
In Sci-Fi World 2020+ through radical centrist politics we move towards toleration in society.
This gives people more opportunity to turn inwards to their own deep well of spiritual selfhood.
Peering behind the veil of discombobulated consciousness, looking into one’s own eyes in a mirror and asking the simplest of questions:
What do I want?
What do I like?
What shall I do?
Who am I?
…becomes easily answered.

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About the Author

Gavriel pursues the three chief aims of all men: Sex, drugs, and rock n roll... or failing that; health, freedom, and love.

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