What Authentic Relationship Feeeeels Like


What Authentic Relationship Feeeeels Like

You made it…

You let go of the past and opened once again to love…

You became your own best match maker and quickly sifted and sorted your way to finding potential suitors…

You juggled the dynamics of dating and navigated your way through the minefield to an oasis of dating pleasure…

You cautiously yet confidently nurtured the right type of emotional entanglement for romance, respect and commitment…

And now you stand at the cliff’s edge to behold a wide view of your relationships future horizons … or risk slipping off, into the abyss of conflict confusion and breakup despair.

With each phase of relationship the stakes get higher.

In the 5th and final phase of courtship (which never ends) there are 4 components for a lifetime of exploration, improvement, and evolution.

From a woman’s perspective these 4 components are:

  1. Reveal your inner world to embrace his direction
  2. Communicating for deep trust vs superficial lust
  3. Investing in romantic love together
  4. High tides and choppy seas (helping him cope with your emotional depth and variety)

One of the biggest questions with building true relationship is about revealing your real self and still being attractive to your partner.

Will He Still Like Me If I’m Completely My Self?

How can you trust him enough to reveal your real self including your faults, fears and things you consider as inadequacies?

How can you keep him mesmerized, hypnotized and magnetized to you if he ends up completely knowing you?

Doesn’t that mean he’s got nothing new to discover and will get bored?

Yes, unfortunately that’s what happens in most relationships within a few years – or less.


  • By applying what you learn On Intimacy inside the Authentic Relationship category, you can build an intimate bond from a foundation of truth, honesty and integrity.
  • Once you successfully conquer the phases of courtship, the key to blissful romance is about remaining true to your feminine essence and expression while supporting his masculine essence and mission.

You Choose: Deep Trust vs Superficial Lust

Your trust in the strength of his commitment to you is based on how openly you feel able to gush your emotions at him without him running for cover.

This involves a lifelong process of exposing the fullness and depth of your emotional inner world. The ‘good’ and the ‘bad’.

It requires strong resolve from both of you… grace and tolerance… compassion and encouragement.

Build True Romantic Bliss With An Eye On Forever

Join us on the adventure of a lifetime into romantic bliss through authentic intimacy…

From knowing yourself to revealing yourself, On Intimacy brings the aha! moments that are making authenticity in relationships popular again.

Forever improving your capacity for emotional entanglement in blissful embrace, sexual stimulation and loving connection.

Choose your next step inside the Authentic Relationship category.

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