The Year Is 2020 – Preamble – Beyond Survival

Nathan sat perched on the ergonomic chair. As if a spectacle unfolded before his eyes, wide and attentive…
In fact, the ocean waves rolled in ecstasy before him. A site he had become familiar with over the past months.
Yet he was not aware of the waves in that moment at all.
The vision stretched backwards in time, from today September 19 2025, Flame’s birthday… back to May 19, 2014, the date recorded in his journal as the first time he expressed his medium-term purpose to an inquisitive friend… or perhaps just someone willing to listen.
A purpose of building Earth’s first immortality clinic.
A ‘spooky’ idea of offering services that would help extend a person’s life indefinitely…
A social idea that would not be permitted by the laws of any country as of 2014.
A project that required a new social contract. A new legal system. A new, country.
Flame had been interested in Sea Steading ever since the early Internet days when the Freedom Ship had been publicized.
Now perched on that chair, Nathan basked in the great journey since 2014 on that day the goal was set clearly in his mind.
Looking across the great chain of events that led to its realization.
The growth of the health, beauty and anti-aging company.
The success of the Flower of Being project.
The clients along the way.
The commercial success of the the popular politically incorrect subversive magazine site Survival2020…
A site as of 19th September 2020 that was now being decommissioned. Having served it’s purpose of providing Flame with an outlet of activism, a voice box for encouraging the global awakening that was now coming to full fruition.
Indeed, it seemed the elitist paradigm was coming to an end. Abruptly. Decisively.
No more wars. Famine was on it’s way to eradication. Global pollution being swept up by technologies unleashed by the new global economic paradigm. The incredible commercial interest of global citizens freed from bankster debt and political taxation.
Albeit still in a very conserved form, solely via the new startup countries that existed on the few Sea Steads around the world.
For Flame, everything channeled into his daily creative focus:
Chapter One: The Immortality Clinic, Inc.