Words, Words, Words, all are meaningless and chasing after the wind…


Words, Words, Words, all are meaningless and chasing after the wind…

…thus lamented fictional King David in his poem Ecclesiastes.


If words are so ‘meaningless’…

…why am I writing any?

And why re-launch a personal blog?

Because of the conversation

It’s the conversation that’s important.

Your truth mixed with my truth and the new entity, experience, or perspective that we co-create.

With that insight I feel I have re-discovered my ‘voice’.

After ~10 years wondering about it… I’m clear on what I can contribute and offer — as aligned with my highest ideal and personal mission.

Not vitriol at the absurdities of the world… not circular philosophy… not trinkets or banal consumer goods.

My contribution is conversation

And I have a lot to discuss.

On the homepage you’ll find 7 types of conversation that I offer as a service.

On the blog I will publish my truth in the following categories:

  • Life Past 100
  • Civilization 2.0
  • Why Are We Here?
  • Your Best Self
  • Give Your Gift
  • The Dream Life

I invite you to see if my truths suit your truths, to connect with me, and participate in my paid conversation services for coaching, consulting, counseling, advisor and friend.

Words, words, words, all are powerful and influence our collective destiny.

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