How To Win Political Elections – The Other 85%


How To Win Political Elections – The Other 85%

Gavin Webb pulled off a very nice demonstration in a local council election campaign.
Simply canvassing door to door handing out his leaflet he secured 13% of the vote and came in ahead of UKIP.
Here’s the graphic on Gavin’s site.
libertarian vote
Yet the part I’m excited by is the part most people wouldn’t notice.
The part that most such political election charts generally do not show.
The part that says:

Turnout 15.9%

Why does that excite me?
Well… isn’t it obvious?
Because of the 85% that didn’t turn out to vote.
Therein lies the incredible potential for a massive and sudden clean-sweep political victory.
No more singing to the choir of existing political voters… no more political-speak…
…but awakening the sleeping masses by aligning with their disdain for politics as a whole and showing them how by their vote we can very quickly throw the entire rotten lot of politicians out of power and give the UK an entirely new opportunity.
It will be done…

…visit the main page on enlightened political activism.


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