Why I Created Cosmic Elevator



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Why I Created Cosmic Elevator

I’ll keep it short and sweet. 

I love life. 

I want to see a better world. 

I believe a world of abundance is possible. Not just within our lifetimes. But really, really quickly. 

If only we could remove the hurdles. 

And ultimately, those hurdles are inside of us. 

We need a certain size tipping point of people, combined with certain techniques and technologies (which I call Neo-Tech) that will bring about a rapid transition to a peaceful and prosperous world. 

A new world.

There are two catalysts that can help take us there.

1.A revolution in money (decentralized personal finance in the form of cryptocurrency)

2. A revolution of heart-based communication (authentic tolerance for eachothers reality tunnels and an open dialogue of vulnerable connection based on respect, admiration, joy)

I created CosmicElevator.com to help gather, organize and present a simple set of messages that, when combined, hopefully paint a very clear and obvious picture of how things can and should be. 

Perhaps it will make a difference.


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