Welcome to Cosmic Elevator

Over the past few years I’ve grown weary of mankind’s constrained social and technological progress…

Innovation abounds in computer science and medical technology… yet the burden of city life continues in the wake of global economic uncertainty.

Yet revolution is upon us on multiple fronts.

I thought… let’s not bother pointing fingers of blame on this website. Let’s support and encourage the good that is emerging from all corners of our great collective efforts to elevate the quality of human life,  both now and future — down here on Mother Earth and up there towards the Stars.

So this site is about pulling together those elements that are leading us towards a harmonious balance of sustainable prosperity in all corners of our global village.

This is the Cosmic Elevator.

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Posted by Gavriel

I believe we are at the brink of a global transformation that can see prosperity and freedom reign supreme. A golden sun-lit world of super rapidly advancing new technology that solves all problems wherever they exist via business, science and art. I founded this site to explore these global innovations -- and help shape my own lifestyle experience in pursuit of them.