Vitruvian Man and practical enlightenment


Vitruvian Man and practical enlightenment

[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] V [/dropcap]itruvian man represents the archetype of humankind’s psychology, in our quest for purity.

However – just as you can’t achieve happiness by directly chasing it, so we can’t ascend to archetypal purity by chasing the models of esoteric or new-age philosophy.

We need a modern practical framework to facilitate wisdom and to mitigate confusion or superficial interpretation.

The best that old civilisations could come up with was religion. But religion breeds unhealthy restriction, irrational fraud and narrow minded dogma.

Today we have a new chance, and a single choice.

A chance to build a bias-free framework of nothing but one’s own internal guidance system… your consciousness purified by honesty.

The 7 dimensions framework published on is a model that facilitates that purification, a holistic and simple approach around which to think, feel and act in such a way as to actually ascend to the purity of archetypal humankind through your own efforts.

Stop expecting miracles to come from sacred geometry, numerology, the heavens and the stars, without quickly realising that the only real answers are inside – and the way forward is highly practical.

Our choice is to physically build a better world by reflecting our individual inner self in our external earthly environment.

How you live is who you are.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Only then will you really come to understand all that mystical new-age fluffy stuff. Only then will you coral enough willpower and purity of intent to live in genuine loving kindness. Because only by pursuing worldly understanding will you know your divine spirit.

This is upside down to all the worlds failed religions, superstitions and beliefs. And that is exactly why it can succeed.

The current generation of globally awakened will win the war of two worlds. The war not between government and people, nor between materialism and spirituality, nor between good and evil.

It’s much broader yet much simpler than all that. Earth’s final war is simply the battle between value creators and value destroyers.

Do you see how straight forward and practical that is? How down to Earth?

So which side are you on, really?

  • Do you know how to contribute value to others?
  • Do you know how to create your gift?
  • Do you know how to get organized and get moving?
  • Do you know how to concentrate?
  • Do you know how to empathise and communicate?
  • Do you know how to think?

And how can you maximise those characteristics to the n’th degree while learning to survive and prosper amidst today’s great global awakening?

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