Trumpmania in Sci-Fi World 2020+

Trumpmania in Sci-Fi World 2020+ is quickly forgotten.

Not because it was bad. But because it’s job is done.

The swamp is drained.

The gridlock on society from left / right bullshit politics is over.

Looking back on Trumps presidency most people now recognise the lies of mainstream media.

He wasn’t really such a bad guy after all, people discover.

And now in Sci-Fi World with politics being abandoned for laissez-free blockchain economics, there is no longer a need from Trumpmania.

He retires well.

The world moves on.

Radical Centrism leads to a new form of Egalitarian Libertarianism.

I doubt Trump can even pronounce those words.

He doesn’t have. He was a smooth talker to the right audience when Killary Clinton had to be stopped at a time that international banking interests wanted to shift the global economic power from West to East.

Asia is on the rise. America must rebuild its self in Sci-Fi World via the radical centrist platform of local pragmatic solutions.

Politics isn’t needed.

And so neither is Trumpmania.