In Sci-World, Presidents like Trump don’t exist.

There’s no need for them.

Trump served his important roll at this time in human history, and the world can now move on.

The swamp of politics has not only been drained, but is becoming so squeaky clean that you can feel safe to leave your kids to play there once again.

The corruption, fraud, paedophilia, racketeering, warmongering, collonialism, and so on is now being fully prosecuted and shut down, piece by piece. And peace is the result. Genuine, enduring, lasting, authentic, tolerant peace.

Trump the ‘strongman of the hour’.

Now a new system based on adherence to constitutional law is quickly emerging — partly based on the Swiss Canton system of sovereign independent states. Yes that’s right, the United States as we knew it has disbanded.

The blue states are finding their left leaning socialist solutions via blockchain technology.

And the red states are finding their right leaning capitalist solutions via blockchain technology.

That’s right, Trumpmania Politics along with the left right paradigm has all but collapsed into a new hybrid cultural system where traditional political philosophies matter much less than the practicalities of individual rights and market regulation delivered by blockchain.

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