40 year old woman solves spider phobia in 1 hour (therapy results)


40 year old woman solves spider phobia in 1 hour (therapy results)

Sarah had a spider phobia since 5 years old…

And it didn’t help that she lives in a rural area with an outdoor postbox for mail… or that firewood is stored in a cellar.

First, what are phobias — really?

They are “conditioned neuro-physical responses” to bad experiences from the past that trigger a negative emotional reaction in the present.

That is: They are habits that we’ve picked up along the course of life.

And if you believe that people can learn new skills, adapt to change or even change the course of their life… then you’ll understand that resolving a phobia is simply a change of habit.

That’s not to say changing habits is ‘easy’… but results can in fact happen very, very fast.

Like they did for Sarah:

Perhaps you’ve heard of NLP or ‘timeline therapy’?

As a certified Master NLP Practitioner I was able to use a collection of techniques during two therapy sessions with Sarah that shifted her neuro-physical response to spiders.

She was highly skeptical of course… who wouldn’t be? A phobia since 5 solvable in a couple of sessions?

None the less, Sarah followed along with my guidance, and the next day reported ‘feeling a little better’ when she saw a spider…

Then she wrote to me several weeks later with this!

Phobia, gone 🙂

Skepticism, solved! 🙂

What’s cool about resolving phobias is how obvious the change is to the person’s life.

Photos like the one included demonstrate a change in life experience that a fellow phobia sufferer can relate to — if only they could believe change is possible for them too.

So here’s my advice:

Don’t come to therapy necessarily ‘expecting miracles’.

That’s kind of unfair on the therapist and yourself…

But lets just say ‘small miracles can happen’.

What would you like to work on?

When it comes to mental and emotional health and resilience, we often tend to neglect ourselves, or take a ‘do it yourself’ approach.

Some people simply give-up and resign themselves to phobias, fears, anxieties, etc.

We might say things like:

‘get over it, it’s just in your head’.

But if we sprain our ankle… we don’t say:

‘get over it, it’s just in your ankle’.

We get it seen to.

If you have any issues that you’d like to work on and resolve or improve, I provide Skype video sessions — or in-person wherever I happen to be in the world (currently London).

Here’s a wonderful TED Talk illustrating the importance of taking good care of your own mental and emotional wellbeing.

Wishing you blissful resilience,


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