The Relationship Challenge


The Relationship Challenge

Relationships are going through an identity crisis…

Modern culture is a mixing-pot of attitudes, fetishes, options and questions.

In a time when almost anything is available, we are re-evaluating the role of relationship in our life.

The deepest question that people ask about dating, love and intimacy is this:

How can I be my self while being in relationship?

In other words…

Does a relationship liberate me or limit me?

Am I able to be my most authentic self while dealing with the doubts, differences and sensitivities that arise when becoming emotionally involved?

This is the challenge of modern relationship.

Topics include: 

  • Improving communication
  • Better online dating
  • Being more giving
  • Easier conflict resolution
  • Confidence with opposite sex
  • Sexual energy, expression and capacity
  • Emotional intimacy
  • Giving up unreasonable control
  • Understanding the opposite sex more
  • Letting go of past relationship baggage
  • Loving yourself more deeply
  • Showing more appreciation
  • Being more romantic
  • Getting emotionally involved
  • Being your own best matchmaker
  • Saying “I love you”
  • Improving your seduction skills

Questions of Modern Relationship

What does it mean to be ‘with someone’?

To ‘have a partner’?

To be ‘in relationship’?

Can you be happy when single or does your fulfillment depend on finding a partner?

What is it to be the more ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’ partner?

Should relationships be ‘forever’ or should we happily let them go if times change?

Dating has become more liberal than ever before and extremely casual… Does that mean we are more emotionally available.. or less?

To what extent must we match with a partner before we commit?

Is commitment about loyalty for the future or is it about authenticity in the present?

These are all important questions for the evolution of a new heart-based love culture that honors and respects the individuality and differences while allowing each of us to find more empowerment and liberation within a relationship than without.

Each of us has quite a challenge. To navigate the options, make the most of opportunity, and find the kind of connections that satisfy us… while contributing to our partner(s) and creating a positive shared life experience.

What about the ‘battle of the sexes’…

Are men and women seeking the same thing… but approaching it from conflicting physiology?”

New love science says YES!

Brain research now proves that women’s hearts are more emotionally open than men’s (in general)…

… and why men protect their ego-based identity before they can relax into love.

If only both sexes could better relate to each other… and pace the dating and courtship process accordingly — relationships could become EASY as you unite through deep emotional bonding.

What is Your Current Relationship Challenge?

Romance can send you to cloud nine, while breakups can tear your heart apart.

What relationship challenge best suits your situation and motivation at this time?


Join The 30-Day Relationship Challenge Group on Facebook and connect with likeminded men and women who are willing to share and support each other on life’s great adventure of attracting blissful, healthy, nurturing relationships.

The goal is to develop authentic intimacy in loving relationship. Intimacy is far more than just physical. It’s the depth of emotional connection that we achieve through authentic expression of our truest self within the dynamic of relating to a loving partner.

Join The 30-Day Relationship Challenge Group on Facebook

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