Morality and the God Concept

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Here’s the text from the diagram:

the world exists so it must have been created

the world was created so something must have created it

something must have created the world

an atheist calls that thing ‘the laws of physics’ or nature

the god believer calls that thing ‘god’

Who created the creator?

the atheist asks ‘so what created god’?

the ‘god believer’ asks ‘so what created the laws of physics?

the religious person says ‘haha it doesn’t matter, nothing created god, god is almighty, go to hell or repent your blasphemy’, thus rises the arbitrary claim to morality based on religious faith, religious ‘authorities’ and dogma. let the jews, muslims and christians fight it out, but prevent them from ever again invading, terrorising, killing or forcefully converting any of the rest of us

the atheist answers: Existence exists: the laws of physics exist (regardless of where they came from), thus rises the objectivity of honest morality based on honest conscious discernment to the best of our current ability to accept the self-responisibility of understanding human nature/ physical reality, combined with individual preferences. let’s continue building a new world of secular humanism, tolerance, respect, intelligence, progress, business, science, art and individuality.

Is God a Fairy Dust Snorting Blue Striped Elephant?


Permission to Believe or Endeavor to Deceive?

I was about 14 when I read Permission to Believe and it gave me far more reason to disbelieve the religious theories of God and the Bible than it’s intended purpose of giving permission to believe…

And rather than attempting a rebuttal of the book I just found this brilliant article exposing in great detail the kind of observations I had (although at a much less comprehensive level).

Sadly enough, the author [of Permission to Believe] who declared his commitment to “the interest of the truth” actually turned his attempt to grant skeptics “permission to believe” into an endeavor to deceive.

If you’re a rational, honest, skeptical, searcher or activist, you’ll enjoy this.

If you’re a ‘true believer’, you’ll probably not be able to tolerate reading very much of this at all.

Here it is:

Permission to Believe – Endeavor to Deceive.

Or a pdf version if the article is no longer available.

Spirituality? Oh For The Love Of God! [intro]

Let’s drop the hype of new-age pseudo-science…

…and also the false-hope from irrational and superficial views about after-life and god.


…we won’t be left with a ‘cold’, ‘atheistic’, ‘rational’, ‘god-less’ view of spirituality either.

In fact:

“LOVE is the be-all and end-all of Spirituality”

…as we shall see.

But to SEE HUMANITY’S FUTURE of honest spirituality through love, we must peak at YOUR DARK PAST of fear, lies and restriction.

…continue reading: Spirituality? Oh For The Love Of God!

Spirituality? Oh for the Love of God!

Let’s drop the hype of new-age pseudo-science…

…and also the false-hope from irrational and superficial views about after-life and god.


…we won’t be left with a ‘cold’, ‘atheistic’, ‘rational’, ‘god-less’ view of spirituality either.

In fact:

“LOVE is the be-all and end-all of Spirituality”

…as we shall see.

But to SEE HUMANITY’S FUTURE of honest spirituality through love, we must peak at YOUR DARK PAST of fear, lies and restriction.

The corruption of your ‘soul’ (‘original sin’ if you will) happened at 5 to 7 years old, like everyone else’s, when you became CONSCIOUS of your self, your individuality and your interrelationships with others only to get pressed like ground beef through the grinder of psychological manipulation, lies and pressure to conform, to behave, to fit in.

And whatever you want to call it… divine will, universal consciousness, cosmic energy, the ether of existence or whatever… we lose our HARMONY with that god-like experience when we lose the ASSERTIVENESS of our own self, our independent thought, our REAL SELF… dare I say it, our real ego.

If you are inclined towards Christianity, remember Jesus message that “THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS WITHIN”. If you’re a ‘rationalist’ and don’t typically like all this mystical stuff, remember that rationalist philosopher Ayn Rand spoke of spirituality.

It is your inner guidance… inner connection to your self, that has been lost and must be recovered to fulfil your quest of spirituality – and that is your entry ticket to the New World.

So we can agree on the following view of Spirituality:

Spirituality means the assertiveness and commitment towards achieving our highest potential.

The spiritual person pursues with full passion a life based on honesty and integrity, primarily with him or her self and subsequently with others.

Spirituality means assertiveness towards living your inner truth through love.

You see:

Love Ain’t Just A Pop Song

Listen up. Love is not complicated to understand.

Love means having good will. Nothing more nothing less.

…having good will towards something (such as black shoes with red soles), someone (a romantic partner, friend or family member) or everything (the experience of life itself).

Yet through Old World corruption, love seems complicated because of the emotional baggage we carry. First from the separation of our self through inner conflict (original sin) and subsequently the disharmony with other people because of false ego, negative emotional attachments or insecurities.

And that is Hell. The esoteric meaning of Satan is ‘restriction’. To have a restricted heart. To be restricted in choice.

Again, hell as represented by Satan means the restriction in flow of love. To be so closed off, with lack of harmony with any and everything, that we feel isolated, blocked, cut off, lonely.

The inner traditions teach that God is not a noun; God is a verb. God is not a thing; God is process. And the process most often alluded to – without detail and without understanding – is loving-kindness. – Meru Foundation*

In the bible story of creation (metaphor for human consciousness), once Adam had eaten from the Tree of Knowledge (becoming conscious of choice and thus capable of dishonesty) an Angel (being of light) stood brandishing a Sword (which in numerology equals both ‘Satan’ and ‘Restriction’) stood guarding the Tree of Life to prevent Adam from eating its fruits which, combined with his awareness after eating of the Tree of Knowledge, would have made him like god.

(read that paragraph again)

When we remove the restrictions of our heart to live in the fullness of love, only then we will enter heaven, becoming god-like and experience the New World of Eternal Life.


Love = God = Creation = Life = Energy

The more you balance the endless flow and dynamic interplay between your feminine yin (receptive, flowing, expansive, creative energies) and masculine yang (focused, committed, disciplined energies)… the more you free yourself of the restrictions of false ego and arrive at your real ego, your inner truths, to express them out of good will – out of love.

The dance of spiritual energy goes something like this:

  • Masculine energy (yang) seeks completion through freedom.
  • Feminine energy (yin) seeks fullness of experience in love.

Masculine yang energy seeks the ultimate freedom from all constraints – which on its own would lead to death (entropic death of the universe which the new-agists aspire to. Yang (masculine) essence seeks complete freedom which ultimately reduces experience to nothingness – On its own it becomes escape from the responsibility and opportunity of life.

Masculine energy is about completion, about getting things done, solving problems where they exist to return to the peace of freedom from constraint or limitation.

But it’s a good thing that masculine energy is attracted towards the dance of the feminine.

Only the feminine yin essence of love, gives us the generative power to create new things, to coral energy and spin matter into manifestations that can fulfil our dreams and perpetuate our interest and enthusiasm for life.

Creating harmony between our yin and yang we free the restrictions that limit the flow of love… we become god-like and empowered with the generative essence of life experience.

In that moment, you have become the god-man… or god-woman…. the god or the goddess.

This is the object of spirituality.

Try this:

• The goal of complete loving-kindness (godliness)
• comes through purity of Intention (complete willingness to act on a pure intention of loving-kindness)
• which depends on knowing and honouring who we are (clarity of the real ego or ‘inner truth’) and
• communicating with ourselves with clear integrity (mindfulness to honour and energise that clarity).

Some loose synonyms:

God = Good = Love = Life = Freedom = Honesty = Truth = Real Ego = Positive Rational Selfishness = Good Will = Pure Kavana / Intention (potent).

This is contrary to:

Satan = Evil = Death = Restriction = Dishonesty = False Ego = = Negative Irrational Selfishness = Bad Will = Impure Intention (impotent).

On Purity of Intention

Taking ‘God’ to mean “loving-kindness / freedom of choice” and considering the definition of the Crown Chakra or top most Sephirot in the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life, we find the keyword Kevana which means ‘Intention’…

To achieve godliness we must build a purity of intention for right action which means each moment lived through loving kindness.

The following Is translated and adapted from the works of Rabbi Moshe Cordevero (ref:

“… to consciously channel G-d’s blessing and beneficence into the world. .. achieved through the process of kavana, “intention”. It is through kavana that the sefirot become properly harmonised and united, allowing the Divine efflux to flow down, and the soul of the person practicing the kavana (called a “mechaven”) becomes a channel through which G-d pours out His benevolence… becom[ing] the abode of the Shechina… bringing about the correct adjustment and harmonisation of the sefirot through proper thought, speech and deed. In this way a person extricates himself from lack of awareness of G-d which may be compared to sleep and death, and binds himself to holiness and eternal life, which is the mystery of Gan Eden [Garden of Eden]. Thus the Crown of the Shechina [God] never departs from his head.”

So with this as the goal, where does ego fit in?

On Ego

See the difference between real and false ego. Real ego means honoring your own intellectual honesty, having integrity of discernment, being true to ones self.

False ego comes from a sense-of-self that depends on others approval to maintain a sense-of-worth. That part of us which is in conflict with our true divine nature of gods will (loving kindness manifested through purity of intention).

False ego is actually self-less. It is separation from our individual unique essence and our divine spark.

I see a lot of superficiality in so-called spiritualists denouncing ego and calling it ‘separation’. Osho as one example claims that from a separation that is supposedly caused by ego we are incapable of experiencing love.

The Rabbi of Kotz understood otherwise:

“If I am I because I am I, and you are you because you are you, then I am I and you are you. But if I am I because you are you and you are you because I am I, then I am not I and you are not you!” – Kotzker Rebbe (1787–1859)

Without separation, without identity, consciousness would have no vehicle. We would not exist. The ego of identity seems crucial for life as well as kavana (pure godly intention).

As such, we must identify and uphold ego (real ego) as important to human life and thus key to heightened spirituality.

False ego relates to the internal conflicts that cause separation from our pure (divine) essence and is that part of us to eliminate.

Which leads to ‘selfishness’…

On Selfishness

To live, we must make conscious choices that support life. Our own life before another’s. We literally can not think for anyone else other than ourselves. We can encourage, influence or pressure someone else, but we can’t literally think for them.

Positive selfishness exists on upholding one’s own best judgement of what is valuable to one’s own ultimate happiness (the more pure that our insight becomes the more closely we come to godly will, i.e. loving kindness manifested through purity of intention.

Negative selfishness means a fear-based, conflict-rooted, wounded ego, miserly attitude void of empathic connection to fellow humans or the abundance of human experience.

This is the selfishness that must be eliminated. But not replaced by altruism or self-sacrifice (certainly not in a mainstream Christian sense), but replaced with a clarity of individual preference, autonomy and responsibility to act as conduit of one’s own unique approach to loving-kindness. This based ultimately on one’s own judgement that comes from honest reflection of the results we get from our own choices.

Often selfishness is contrasted to altruism or self-sacrifice. The higher levels of spirituality appears more aligned to selfishness than sacrifice, because you become aligned with ‘god’s will’ per se, therefore what you want and desire is the “right order of the universe” which means to be free in loving-kindness. And whilst you ‘serve’ that ‘higher purpose’ it is in fact your heart felt purpose and thus not a ‘sacrifice’.

On Truth and Honesty

Integrity is key.

Even the Bible agrees…

Don’t skip these just because (like me) you are not religious or Christian or Jewish. Despite the treacherous interpretations and the disinformation from organised religion, there are hidden gems within ancient texts.

(I’ve paraphrased these quotes slightly).

“your G-d is truth” (Jeremiah 10:10).

The seal of God is Truth (emusbos 55a) – Talmud

“Truth is considered one of the names of God… The more truthful one is, the closer one is to God. The more one strays from the truth, the more distant one is from God.”

King David says, “Who will dwell in your tent?…One who speaks the truth in his heart” (Psalms 15:1).

There is only one precautionary law that is written in the Old Testament. The Torah says, ““You shall not lie” (Leviticus 19:11), but also says “Keep your distance from falsehood” (Exodus 23:7). Not only does the Torah forbid lying, but adds a precautionary law, to distance oneself from lying,. I.e., not to act in a way that may lead one to lie.

Rebbe Elimelech of Lizensk said, “I am certain of being admitted to [Heaven]. The Heavenly Tribunal will ask me, ‘Melech, did you learn Torah properly?’ I will say, ‘No.’ They will ask, ‘Melech, did you pray properly?’ I will say, ‘No.’ They will ask, ‘Melech, did you give adequate Charity?’ I will say, ‘No.” They will say, ‘He tells the truth. Let him enter.”

Yet I see a great difference between Truth and Honesty. For truths are different for everyone, yet the process of honesty is the same for everyone.

On Conscious Awareness

Through taking the fruit of knowledge, evil was made possible for man. Evil means “disorder of the divine will” and relates to lack of loving kindness and loss of freedom.

This happens because of the self-awareness of a conscious being that creates the mind-space of freewill choice to live in Inner Truth or to hide due to external pressure or internal mental laziness. I.e. self-dishonesty became possible for the first time in Adam’s (mankind’s) awareness after he ‘ate from the tree of knowledge’ and so he attempted to ‘hide from god’.

The path to pure Kavana (loving-kindness through pure intention) is to eliminate the internal conflicts supported by our ability to hide truth from ourself (self-dishonesty, cognitive dissonance, irrationality and laziness).

Then we achieve alignment with gods will (“the divine order of justice”, as per the Zohar)

On ‘Oneness’

What on earth does ‘oneness’ really mean?

Oh sure, the new-agist YouTube videos want us to believe that we are all part of the same oneness of experience and there’s no such thing as identity, separation, or even self.

But that would just be bullshitting ourselves. Moreover, such airy-fairy thinking as that actually suppresses our evolution of integrity to achieve the real possible version of oneness.

Oneness actually means “to be in harmony with”. Not to be “the same as”.

In the beginning, energy vibrated and chance resonated the energy into different frequencies. Different frequencies led to inter-relationships between the great flux of surging contrasts, masculine penetrating yang energies and feminine receptive yin energies – and thus the universe was born.

If all energy returned to ‘oneness’ as ‘sameness’, then would exist entropic death of the universe. Think of a sea of grey lifeless floating froth. No life. No adventure.

It is the very contrasts within our individual energy imprints, the separation of matter, the beginnings and ends of things, that give us the variety that is the spice of life.

Whilst we want to grow beyond dogmatic conflicts of the present, we do not want total sameness. We want to move to a higher level of integration in which we discover new dichotomies, new constraints, new opportunities for broader understanding and creation.

Behold this extraordinary contrast:

Left Brain Right Brain
Deductive Logic / Inductive Reason
Rationality / Rationalization
Logic / Emotion
Production / Creation
Extremes / Spectrum
Yang / Yin

Balance out your system by focusing for a time on the side that you least prefer. If you have a tendency towards logical discernment like I do, then break the restrictive habits and sit with monks, shamans and channellers like I have.

Sidenote to Religious Folk

Delve into the forbidden books of your Religion and you’ll discover the truth on which I have written. Study Jewish Kabbalah, Christian Gnosticism and Islamic Sufism for what your average religious leaders don’t know or don’t want you to know. Start again. Open your mind. Accept that you do hold dogma. Return to your source. Reconsider your positions. Abandon your habits. Discover your self. Then the new real ‘religion’ of modern man will emerge and it will be a religion of the heart. We will all then accept each other humanistically. And then you can prey, meditate or flagellate if you wish. At least then it will be done with purity of intention based on real ego. Inner Truth. And the world will live through love.

Sidenote to Atheists and Randian Objectivists

To touch specifically on Ayn Rand. She served a purpose of adding sharp contrast in the superficial philosophies that were degrading society in her time (communism, altruistic self-sacrifice, false gods).  I think the spiritual community must get past the superficial views and broad-brush strokes of wholly denouncing the ideas of selfishness and ego. I then also believe people must grow beyond the limitations I see in Rand’s work, including towards the end of Atlas Shrugged. I think Rand served as a beneficial chemical agent that helps to purify, but has the side-effect of causing some corrosion or restricted fixation on a limited solution.

The Goal of Spirituality…

The goal of complete loving-kindness (godliness) comes through kavana (complete willingness to act on pure intention) which depends on knowing who we are (clarity of ego) and communicating with ourselves with clear honest integrity (mindfulness of our inner truth).

If your views align with those presented here, the next question that we ask is ‘how?’

To achieve that liberated experience of god-like enthusiasm, acceptance, fulfilment and harmony we must dance across a fractal fold and return to the creation of practical success in the here and now and forever.

The formula for full manifestation of all your dreams, hopes and desires…

The 7 Dimensions of Manifestation



Religious Beliefs and Mind Control

Everyone is entitled to follow any path, or any religion in life, UNLESS it forces or coerces other people.

In Iraq, Islam uses such force and coercion.  And here’s what a young student in Iraq shared with the media:

“I hate Islam and all the clerics because they limit our freedom every day and their instruction became heavy over us,” said Sara Sami, a high school student in Basra. “Most of the girls in my high school hate that Islamic people control the authority because they don’t deserve to be rulers.”

Isn’t it nice to know that a revolution amongst the fundamentalist islamic world might be simmering, growing, and getting ready to bubble over.

We might not all suffer a religious holocaust after all.

Read the full news article here:  Young Iraqis are losing their faith in religion

But wait.  Perhaps you agree that Islamic religious beliefs are forms of mind control.

But what about your religion?  Christian, Jew, Sikh, Hindi, Bhudhist, MTV viewer.

Have you been born into a certain belief system, only to conform to it, and believe in it with total faith?

Are there really still people out there as stupid as that?

All they need do is open their eyes and observe the world… right?

And that is what young Iraqis are doing, and I salute them for their revolution. I wish them well in their struggle against religious tyranny and coerced mind control.

In fact, I wish all of us well.