God & Religion?

Religion in our fantastic future takes on a new roll.

Rather than used as a means of spiritual suppression as it was for the first 3000 years of modern human history, religion is now acknowledged as a means of individual self-exploration, and shared human experience.

The ‘organized religions’ are becoming museum pieces. To be studied and analysed to extract insight into former times.

The underlying spiritual roots of mainstream religion are now being studied by everyone for the life-lifting higher dimensional quality of human happiness.

Physics and philosophy are validating and revealing the true essences of religion, from zodiac, to kaballah, to jesus secret message, and the true identity of moses. It’s all available and widely known.

Earth’s new religion is a religion of authentic tolerance, and contextual hermetic wisdom. That all truths are but half truths.

God in our fantastic future takes on a whole new meaning.

Leaving behind the anthropomorphic conception of god with human traits such as anger and jealousy… the god of the bible… we come to appreciate god-power as the fabric of existence itself. And the potential of mankinds future.

With the innovations of immortality, the purpose of god transforms from rationalising death to sustaining life.

And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.

— Revelation 21:4

Our hope for immortality does not come from any religion, but nearly all religions come from that hope.

― Robert Ingersoll

Simple insights about god’s definition include creativity, love, nature and physics.

A more theoretical physics based understanding of sacred geometric resonances, frequencies, harmonies and disharmonies that quantum-flux our human experience into existence.

As we move ever closer to full appreciation of our own place within nature and the universe.

That we are the self-directing ‘hand of god’ so to speak.

That is, we recognise that god and man become the same. Immortal creators.

Eating from the Tree of Life as described in the Genesis bible stories, we fulfil our destiny.

The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.

― 1 Corinthians 15:26

Simple really, isn’t it?

The necrophilic character of every religion is evidently reflected in the central theme that the Grim Reaper – death – assumes in the structure of the “faith” of this religion.

The offer of religion to mankind is to transcend mortality, thus a form of transformed life is postulated. It is not particularly important whether, as in most cases, this is the psychically soothing idea of ​​the “immortal soul”; Or whether a resurrection of the dead is postulated, as if they had only been asleep briefly; Or whether the uniqueness of the transient nature of existence in linear time is denied by asserting eternal cycles of existence, in which men reincarnate.

All of these designs share the psychologically fatal, effective denial of death.

In which is reflected. That death is the real theme of religion.

With such a construction, it is not surprising that life in all its possibilities, is rather disregarded, often even openly despised in so many religions.

The apparent “contempt for death” of those who can sacrifice both themselves and others for their religion in cold blood is in reality nothing but contempt for life.

All religions are only a primitive and, above all, completely ineffectual defense against the imposition of individual death.

The irrationality of religion reflects the massive and oppressive fear of annihilation, the apparent rationality of religions reflects the insight into the inevitability of one’s own extinction.

Every religion is a death cult.

Whoever wants to live his wretched, limited and senseless time should avoid the spiritual poison of religion just as much as he avoids other poisons.

Death is such an impertinence and a narcissistic wound to the stupid psyche of a person that the psyche even accepts the idea of immortality in an eternal hell if it only helps to ward off the idea of death, which is connected with feelings of strong unpleasure.

I find the fearful death cult of all great religions most questionable. It is quite remarkable how many religious statements refer to death and to unknowns, such as a possible life after death, and it is equally remarkable how easily these statements can be instrumentalized in order to transform life before death into a pale reflection of what is presented as hell before the eyes of people, to make them submissive with the fear caused by it.

The great respect of death always goes hand in hand with its mirror image, an equally great condemnation of life.

― Schwerdtfeger

The insight into one’s own mortality is a younger and higher function of the conscious mind. This insight is not accessible to the equally complete, but unconscious, psychological possibilities of man.

The psyche, often referred to as a “soul” in this context, knows nothing of its limitations and mortality; in this question it is arrested in an animalistic narcissism, and completely stupid. (It is not in every question.)

This may be the deeper reason that so many half-conscious techniques for the suppression of death are based on the idea that there is an inherently immortal part, a soul, in man – such a conception finally coincides with the psychological self-reflection of the one deceiving himself about reality, and can only develop from this one experience sufficient convincing force that a further conscious analysis of this construction will be left out for convenience.

The abandonment of this form of death-denial would promptly raise the question of the material condition of one’s own psychic part, and as a matter of fact would produce the mortality of the soul as an uncomfortable but helpful and cheerful insight.

― The Immortal Soul, Schwerdtfeger

Religion Is At A Cross-Roads

As political corruption reaches it’s zenith and people are increasingly rejecting the status quo of force and fraud in government, a resurgence of religion may be at hand.

It can go one of two ways…

Extremist intolerance, frowning faces, and narrow-minded rejection.


A synthesis of ideas that returns religion back to its roots of spiritual union with our divine nature.

The religious literal interpretations of fraudulent, manipulative, militaristic and obsolete ‘holy books’ will only sink the world into another dark-age of violent inquisitions IF a humanistic government based on empathy, toleration and genuine respect for each others right to freedom of personal choice does not form after the collapse of the political establishment over the coming decade.

Evangelical crusades of pushing ‘the one true religion’ is a social skin infection that can fester into debilitating dis-ease.

A resurgence of mainstream religion without government would only lead to new crusades, jihads and ‘the ban’ in Hebrew (i.e. Killing in the name of God, see Deutoronomy 20:10).

Extremist Christians today claim that “any nation who opposes Christianity will ‘fall’”. This is why religion provides no answer to our emerging new world of freedom of choice, personal liberty, or individual self-expression.

The problem of religion comes from a schizophrenic disconnection from human-based empathy due to literal interpretations of Bible stories rather than seeing the psychological metaphors shrouded behind the fairytales, myths and anecdotes.

Those stories pushed by religious leaders ultimately seek to force their violent will against anyone who doesn’t want to bow down to a fairytale god.

Christianity and Islam took there supposed morality directly from Judaism which derived it from earlier forms of Egypt / Hammurabi / Aryans / Taoism / even Paganism.

In a bizarre moment of enlightenment you realize that today’s organized religion is wholly immoral.

Morality based on the supposed dictates of an abstract god-concept (man in the sky) is not genuine morality as it is not based on anything other than following external orders beyond human compassion, empathy or insight.

Real morality is derived through awareness of our nature, our humanity, our empathy, our collective knowledge.

That is, morality emerges once mankind reconnects with our own godly essence of love.

A more insightful perspective of Christianity shared by someone heading in the right direction is that “deep relationship with God comes from perfecting your incomplete love through Christ (Perfect Love) to re-establish the authority of Adam.”

Again, these are abstract metaphorical concepts that have unfortunately turned into literalized interpretations of their underlying concepts.

Christ is not a man named Jesus that represents Love.

Christ is the metaphor of Perfect Love that exists in our highest expression of selfhood.

Adam is not the first physical man that god created in some fancy garden. Adam is the primordial conception of what it means to be Man, i.e. Whole unto ourself, conscious, present, creative, adaptive.

As such, love is an empathic emotion based on our humanity experienced through individual integrity (wholeness). So yes, Christians are correct in that Love is the goal and transcends the frauds of man-manipulated ideas of god and government, false religion and politics.

The ‘holy spirit’ is your divine consciousness. Only through volitional discernment can you create true wellbeing. Not fanciful faith.

Hence, by purity of conscious intent to create value and build love does man succeed.

This is humanism, not religion.

Hence, Secular Humanism trumps Anthropomorphic Religion as the path to spiritual enlightenment for all of mankind.

“Relationship with God directly with each individual” happens when you drop all the metaphorical religious jargon and realize that the god-head is you.

The final enlightenment of religion (anthropormphic deification) is secular humanism.

Father, son, holy ghost trinity etc are literalized nominalizations of abstract concepts based on psychological/geometric insights.

The Old Testament authors obfuscated spiritual insight and ancient principles by shrouding the real meaning of the bible stories.

The New Testament turned people literally psychotic by adding a meta-layer of literalized interpretation over the top of the abstract metaphors of the Old Testament.

And Islam extended the Abrahamic religions in a direction that swept the globe.


Tell your average Christian, Muslim or Jew (as Jesus did) that “the kingdom of heaven is within” and they short-circuit in a moment of honest introspection that leaves a void in the fabric of their soulless consciousness.

The acid test is this:

Put two people together with differing religious views and have them discuss their beliefs. The moment you see frowns appear on their faces then you know they have forgotten their spirit-based heart-connection and are stuck in their narrow-minded cognitive bias.

Mankind needs spiritual de-armoring. It will be ‘purification by pain’ for many.

Choose right. Choose light. Choose love. 


Life vs Death (and the meaning of it all)

In response to this misguided sensationalist media headline…

Rich people will become immortal ‘god-like’ cyborgs in 200 years – RT

…I wrote on Facebook:

Look at this ridiculous nonsense… 200 years to become a god-like immortal?


I’m god-like immortal right now!

200 years…


RT needs to dig a bit deeper in their research of current trends and innovations.

Immortality is almost here, affordable for all.

The ultimate family value

Before asking about the meaning and significance and potential purpose of death, Dacia replied:

Don’t you think that immortality is boring and can become some kind of prison eventually?


Infinitely less of a prison than 80 year mortality.

Life is probably not boring for a value creative demi-god of universal adventure and eternal romance. There are worlds of experience to be discovered, created and shared. If, say, in 50,000 years I actually become bored of life (I’m extremely diubtful, but ‘if’…), I can pull the plug, grow old and die.

Death is natural to animal and plant life. Death is unnatural to conscious life (self-aware introspection). Once we became conscious ~3,000 years ago via sophisticated development of language (ref: Julian Jaynes), death became the ultimate tragedy.

Religion has given us a coping mechanism while suppressing our realization of immortal gods. No longer.

Dacia asked:

Can you make an assumption that death (and life too 🙂 ) may have other purposes except this one you have described?


To me you seem to be asking:

“Is there another purpose to life other than the experience of eternal happiness?”

What could it be…

  1. Sacrifice to a God? (old age coping mechanism for accepting death and avoiding responsibility of godhood)
  2. Eliminating the Self? (new age coping mechanism for accepting death and avoiding responsibility of godhood)

What else is there?

Both of those approaches to coping with the tragedy of death (new age energetic unity and old age religious unity) are the exact same goal, but done with a different mind-set.

One seeks escape from life via the fanciful notion of an anthropomorphic (in man’s image) supreme being in the sky, who is full of love (brings hope) but judges our every move (adds the motivation of guilt) to whom we are supposed to spiritually ascend (by following its rulebook) and then dying so our soul elevates to a less material higher plane of spiritual existence as the soul becomes closer again to being part of that supreme being of the universe.

The other approach seeks escape from life via the somewhat deist or pantheist notion that while ‘universe‘ created us it does not directly command us, but is none-the-less full of love and light which apparently is a better mode of existence than individuated conscious experience within manifest material (physical form) and so the goal is to reduce ‘karma’ and ‘return to the limitless’ by letting go of physical attachment.

These seem to be the 2 broadest doctrines for ‘life after death’.

Which is the one that you currently relate to?

Or is there another possibility here?

Jason Silva expressed it beautifully:


Islam – Surprising Roots, References and Interpretations

From Koranic Islam to Biblical Christianity… a case of ‘from the frying pan into the fire’… Why do people continue to seek external authorities — be it gods or be it governments? High time for everyone to break on through to the other side.

“Arms that chained us eyes that lied, break on through…”


I am confused, is what she is saying FACT or just her opinion based on biased sources and agenda for 15 minutes of fame and for a chance to settle in Sweden? What is the motive for this story – information sharing or spreading more hate in the world? As a forensic investigator, it’s in my nature to make a decision based on hard facts. So for each and all of her allegations against this religion of Hate, I would ask her for to please refer me to the direct source of reference in the Qur’an (NOT KORAN) and genuine Hadith to back up her claims and produce the evidence.


Surely we should know what the Quran says and it shouldn’t be confusing? Maybe we can establish some ‘hard facts’ together Loriza. Mona Walter’s twitter points to a few links that we could start with:

After three years of research in texts of 10 biggest religions linguist concludes: Islam…

A Religion of Peace?: Why Christianity Is and Islam Isn’t by Robert Spencer – 

She also gives this link which shows a guy who I assume has read the Quran explaining that certain modern religious groups have focused on hateful parts of the Quran and ignored the kind parts and that as a result, today, in general, muslims hate christians and jews.


So let’s now look at some sites that supposedly have direct quotes from the Quran that are claimed as being hateful and violent. Perhaps they have faulty translations and the arabic language does not actually say these things?

What does the Religion of Peace Teach About… – http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/quran/023-violence.htm

A list of Quran hate quotes – http://worldmediamonitoring.com/list-quran-hate-quotes/

Cruelty in the Quran – http://skepticsannotatedbible.com/quran/cruelty/long.html

THE 10 MOST DIABOLICAL EVIL TEACHINGS IN ALL HUMAN HISTORY – http://www.danielpipes.org/comments/195861

I guess it really begs the question about reliability of translations from arabic.

Have you read the Quran (in English or another that you fully understand)?

And do you know if there are different translations and how varied they are?


Gav, I am not a religious person but it does seem like you are cherry picking information that support what you already believe. There is a lot of stuff up for interpretation in most religions, which is why there are quite a few sects of Islam. There are arguments for and against Islam but the women in the video obviously doesn’t know what she is talking about. It’s a sensationalist propaganda video.


Cherry picking… you mean as in finding the violent hateful quotes in the Quran rather than the kind and peaceful ones?


And you’re just spreading the hate even more? Well done… hope it finds you peace.


Simon, yes there’s a lot of room for interpretation in most religions, hence various sects. I guess overall we need to look at the generally apparent evidence of the senses as to the current manifestation of religious interpretations.

Lereza, does a forensic scientist spread murder by identifying evidence for it?


Gav, you know what cherry picking is. I don’t expect you to read up about every version of Islam, learn Arabic and read the Koran directly. If it is irrelevant to you, then don’t bother with these kinds of comments. There is a lot more to whats going on than is apparent on the surface.


Surely it is possible to demonstrate what the Quran says without me having to learn Arabic? Words have translatable meanings. Sentiment of meaning is universal.


Do you want an abstract?


Do you speak Arabic and have you studied the Quran in Arabic? I’m not sure how an abstract applies here.


I know some Arabic and read some of the Quran. I can’t give you a summary.


Maybe you have time for this hate spreading shit but I certainly don’t. Read what you want to read and believe what you want to believe. Draw you own conclusions. Just remember Gavriel Shaw a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing… and you certainly have a LOT more to learn and a long long way to go dearie.


There is just too much in it. Islam is also about what the prophet did as well as what is in the Quran.


Ok.. hmm… then is it your view that based on the limited reading you’ve made of the Quran that claiming it contains many such passages of explicit violence and hate is false?

Or would that itself perhaps be cherry picking based on a belief that you have ungrounded in not actually having read the Quran in Arabic?


I have been taught one version of Islam based on one version of the shia sect. I can’t represent all muslims because I don’t have enough information. Its like asking me to explain quantum physics to you in a few sentences and quotes.


Lereza, just as you questioned what my motives are, I’m curious what your motives are.


Well you seem to be Mr know it all, figure it out.

Simon, I wouldn’t bother with this one. haters will always be haters. He has his mind made up with only a fraction of what he’s learned through the media. He hasn’t bothered to go to a Scholar or Mufti to get the real answers…

The question is: are all of those translated quotes more or less accurate statements of what is in the Quran, or not? No mufti necessary.


I don’t have time for backward thinkers.


I just don’t like it one someone who is ignorant on a subject writing about it when you in fact have a limited understanding of it. I get equally annoyed when people say what they think are scientific facts when they don’t know what they are talking about.


I don’t know how my laptop works, but I can certainly claim that it appears to produce an image on the screen using light reflecting various ‘computer programs’ that I control through keyboard and mouse. I don’t need to be a computer engineer or scientist to do that.


Your argument is not that far from when people say that evolution is not true because we don’t look like monkeys, that it is just a theory and where is the missing link. Its uninformed opinions. Its just a pet peeve of mine. To be honest I really don’t care much about what you think of Islam in general. Like I said, I am not a religious person by any stretch.


Gav, I have to agree with Simon on this one. you tend to lean towards a very narrow black and white interpretation of events, all found from popular news sources. You can’t just pigeon hole Muslims in that way, especially not if you claim to be a more plural thinker
There are many aspects you’ve completely missed, and I think you know that, which makes you no different than the hate filled ukip type talk we have today


To be honest Gav, I am surprised with you. I thought you were smarter than this and see through that video for what it is.


It matters far less if a particular issue is used as common propaganda by mainstream media than if the story actually has deeper validity. Like I said of the video ‘from the frying pan into the fire’. I know it’s christian propaganda. It still highlights a very legitimate concern about religion though. None of you are dealing with the actual issue of inherent violence apparent in Islam through available English translations of the Quran.


Gav, read up about Wahibism. Its history and dissemination by countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Even then it would not give you a full picture of what is going on. Like I said before, this is an extremely complicated issue that I wouldn’t be able to answer for you with quotes and soundbites.


Surely you have to accept the legitimate concern of an ‘ignorant outsider’ who sees such an apparently obvious cultural reality inherent in Islam the world over of rife suppression and violence. I really don’t know how you could expect me or anyone else to see things differently.

You both know I see mainstream news as heavily propagandized, yet reality still shines through the cracks. Do you expect me to readily believe that all of the apparently Islamic world violence (along with those translations from the Quran) is nothing but Christian political propaganda?

What would help a lot is simply pointing me to an English translation with commentary that explains the translation of the Quran demonstrating why and how the array of apparent violent citations are in fact not violent.

I will take the time to try and search for such translation commentary myself. And will continue this discussion. For now I must pop out.

I will look up Wahibism. If you have any links that will help accelerate my learning curve, they would be most welcome.


I am sorry Gav but I don’t. It would also bias your research. I am not surprised that many people who live in the west think that Islam is an inherently violent religion. There are versions of it that espout violence.

Its what they see in the media all the time. But like you well know, things are not always what they seem.


Its a complicated topic, I choose not to spend my time researching it. There are a number of other things I find more interesting. I am honestly surprised with myself that I have paid this much attention to it.


Gav, for protection you can call me 24 hours a day…

I suggest you watch your back as news of this, my infidel friend could spread like wild fire…

Your views might not be appreciated by your neighbour, lol…

I certainly do not want to see your head in a basket.. I will then have the long task

Love always…

David the yid…x


Imran and I are currently arguing about whether to go with the sniper rifle or the machete for a beheading.

Or perhaps the AK47, I better consult the Quoran to find what Allah thinks is most appropriate in this situation.


Haha yeh the “Koran” should have the weapons of choice listed.. Good to see Gav has some great sources from clearly highly intellectual people on the comments here


Guys the only way forward is love… The true element that reigns upon all…

Irrespective if you are guy, transsexual, a women, an imman, a rabbi, priest or animal…
We all share love and that can heal everything…



David, life is not really as simple as that. I believe it all starts with rights. Such as the right to an education, health care, freedom of speech amongst others. But even that is not simple. For instance, should people have a right to incite hatred. To infringe on this right would take away the freedom of speech but would be arguably less detrimental to society as a whole. An issue that occured in America recently was a law allowing people to discriminate who they serve based on their beliefs. For the government to interfere would be taking away the rights of these business owners but should they be allowed to discriminate against gays, jews, muslims, people of colour etc. There aren’t many easy answers in life.


Education being stripped of one’s rights should not be tolerated, health care is everyone’s G-d given right, freedom of speech, well that is debatable no? Was it not freedom of speech that has caused mass genocides? I would say freedom of speech but to a certain level….

My conclusion to saying love is the answer, well ultimately this…

Here is why…

The puppeteers play a major role in our society and are to a certain extent behind the scenes.. If there energy was converted to love, this ripple effect would spread… My good friend this is inherent in our core genes right from the beginning.. It was Adam that an unquenchable love for his FATHER…

(let’s not debate religion now,lol, I feel we shall all go on until the end of time)
As well as this powerful healthy drug, using the force of love transfers the unhealthy energy of negativity… This aura of pure good karma certainly heals..I’ve experienced it and it is beautiful…

So, my conclusion is, pioneering the only force that is proven to win,….LOVE, plain and lofty love…

The rest will happen… It the belief in love that charges the engine of life…
A few grammatical mistakes guys, sorry, just rushed out of a lesson


I’ve read a couple articles on Wahibism and it seems to be a source of radical islamic extremism which advocates violence etc.

The question is, has Wahibism emphasized an existing violent anti-humanist immorality that is in fact inherent in the religion… or, has it co-opted the true religion by preying on a moral deficiency in the religion that has led to a rise in violent anti-humanist immorality?
Chicken or egg scenario.
Either way is not a good explanation or justification for violence and suppression in contemporary Islam.

It’s not only ‘mainstream [western] media’ that reveals suppression and violence in Islam. Muslim media and individual video clips on youtube help demonstrate the apparent suppression and violence that is part of the Islamic world.

Here’s an example or two:

I don’t believe Islam advocates this kind of violence, but again, it’s chicken and egg. How strongly does Islam protect women from this? What is the islamic punishment supposed to be against a man who does this to his wife?
This is gut wrenching if you really think about it and I do believe this kind of suppression and subjugation of women is endemic in much of the Muslim world (perhaps not in the West).


So it seems we don’t need western mainstream media to see there is a lot of violence in the muslim world.

I will continue to search for some kind of verifiable translation or refutation of violent Koranic scripture.

David, just to make sure you don’t feel left out from my feedback here… where do you think Islam learned how to justify violence? Bingo mi amigo. From Judaism.
In fact,

“An oral tradition was even attributed to Muhammad wherein he supposedly said, “Relate from the people of Israel, and there is no objection,” thereby enabling Islamic scholars to cite precedents from Jewish scholarship. – http://www.meforum.org/717/assessing-english-translations-of-the-quran


Islam learned it’s fundamental techniques from Judaism. Holy War came first in the Old Testament, before the New Testament or Koran.
The monotheist Abrahamic religions. All pretty much the same in essence.

On interpreting/tranlsating the Koran and reference to Wahibism (Saudi) this passage is noteworthy:

“Medieval Muslim scholars sought to abandon consideration of the Jewish and Christian testaments as sources of understanding the Qur’an; they largely succeeded. Most religious authorities in Islamic countries, particularly in Saudi Arabia and Iran, oppose any attempt to reinterpret the Qur’an without relying on medieval scholarship.
For most Muslims unaware of the evolution of Islamic scholarship, the Qur’an is immutable and uncreated, even though the Qur’an never makes such a proclamation, and theologians reached such a conclusion only after much debate. Immutability means that the seventh century values of some Qur’anic verses, rather than being placed in their seventh century Arabian context, are portrayed as the eternal divine mandate, giving rise, for example, to an argument that females must inherit half as much as males.
The failure of Muslim scholars to place the Qur’an into historical or spatial context has lead to generalizations that have harmed Islam, a trend accentuated by the fact that most Quranic translators are now Muslims. Such a failure facilitates the use of the Qur’an by governments that support chauvinism and incite hate and by terrorists” – http://www.meforum.org/717/assessing-english-translations-of-the-quran

and continues:

“Until Muslims learn to question the reliability of the Muslim oral traditions, or divorce themselves from medieval exegetical constructs, they will be living in a world much apart from the Judeo-Christian entity that has known reformation and enlightenment. “


That page also includes these interesting points which in a nut shell says that Muslims today can’t understand the Koran because they don’t understand Judaism.

…the Qur’an presupposes familiarity with Judeo-Christian ideas to the extent that it often does not give the full version of a narrative; there is no need to identify what is supposed to be common knowledge.
…Evidence of Muhammad’s familiarity with Judaism is present in the Qur’an. One verse suggests that his contemporaries accused him of having a Jewish teacher.
When some Arabs challenged Muhammad’s claim to be a prophet based on his mortality, he suggested that they consult Jewish scholars about history.
Early Muslims resorted to Jewish lore so heavily that they produced a genre of literature: the Isra’iliyat, loosely translated as the Judaic traditions.
By the ninth century, this began to change. Muslim jurists, increasingly opposed to reliance upon Jewish lore, created new sayings from the Prophet and his companions that contradicted the original allowances.
In one of these apocryphal traditions, Muhammad’s face changes color when he sees his follower Umar reading the Torah. Muhammad declares that had Moses been their contemporary, he, too, would have followed the Muslim prophet. An alternate version claims that the Prophet asked Umar, “Do you wish to rush to perdition as did the Jews and Christians? I have brought you white and clean hadiths [oral traditions].” Despite the unreliability of this hadith, it has evolved into a position that any Muslim who questions it could be accused of heresy.
Since Muslims could no longer seek support from Jewish sources, successive generations of scholars lost understanding of Qur’anic references.
From the tenth century on, the result has been that voices of the medieval scholars have trumped the vox-dei. Without a serious reexamination, it is uncertain whether Muslims will be able to get to the essence of their religion’s main document.


That page says:

“The 1955 translation of Arthur Arberry (1905-69) was the first English translation by a bona fide scholar of Arabic and Islam. … The Arberry version has earned the admiration of intellectuals worldwide … remains the reference of choice for most academics. It seems destined to maintain that position for the foreseeable future.” 

I guess this is the one to review supposed violent citations then…

Arberry translation of Koran is available at https://archive.org/details/QuranAJArberry

Ok so current view on all this:

The Arberry version is accepted by Academia (which is generally an irreligious / secular approach) as being very accurate to the original Arabic Koran.
There are a lot of violent references that apparently exist in other translations that do not appear in the Arberry version. Good news.

The more violent translations seem to emerge out of medieval times (also during which time apparently a lot of racist/violent Jewish scripture was written too).
Yet, today’s contemporary Islam seems significantly influenced by this medieval violent period.

A question remains: to what degree does contemporary Islamic suppression and violence align to the original meaning of the original Arabic Koran?
The Arberry version certainly contains references to apparent murderous torture for non-believers:

4:58 “Surely those who disbelieve in Our signs — We shall certainly roast them at a Fire; as often as their skins are wholly burned, We shall give them in exchange other skins, that they may taste the chastisement. Surely God is All-mighty, All-wise.”

By secular humanist standards, this gives no reassurance or appearance as being a religion of peace and tolerance.

Nor is fundamentalist Christianity. Nor fundamentalist Judaism. The monotheistic Abrahamic yahweh religions are apparently explicitly racist and violent according to the best of interpretations/translations currently available.

And the key point remains, that people like Mona Walter as per the original video in this thread, are identifying genuine hateful violence within contemporary Islamic culture. This is not just western media propaganda.
I just can’t figure out why she doesn’t also see the same in the Christian Bible. Revelations isn’t exactly a multi-cultural country picnic.

And I’m yet to find anything on the biography of Mohammad depicting him as ‘blood thirsty’ etc, although from my secular atheist perspective, the sole function of the Abrahamic religions was to gain mass control of humanity by any means justifiable in the name of ‘god’. And of course… everything is justifiable in the name of god. From secular humanist perspective that’s blood thirsty by definition.

Adam and Eve not real admits Pope Francis

In breath-taking news, Pope Francis finally reveals:

“Through humility, soul searching, and prayerful contemplation we have gained a new understanding of certain dogmas.

The church no longer believes in a literal hell where people suffer.

This doctrine is incompatible with the infinite love of God. God is not a judge but a friend and a lover of humanity.

God seeks not to condemn but only to embrace. Like the fable of Adam and Eve, we see hell as a literary device.

Hell is merely a metaphor for the isolated soul, which like all souls ultimately will be united in love with God.” – Pope Francis Revelations

On Facebook, a discussion ensued…

Trent:  Scary shit. ..This made me uncomfortable. .

Martin:  Why?

Klovv:  All part of the end days great deception. The bible says even the elect will be deceived.

Leonard:  Yeah maybe everyone should read their bible. Adam and eve were real. Sort of makes me uncomfortable thst anyone would question they didnt exist.

Trent:  It’s all about to go down….

Leonard:  The roman empire lasted for 900 years . Spreading the same type of fear mongering shit and it didnt collapse for almost 1000 years. Id stop worrying

Trent:  I’m not worried but this kinda stuff is what is prophesied. …These are all prophecies coming to pass. …it’s text book…or should I say biblical. .

Klovv:  this one hit me harder then the sandy hook shot :s

Leonard:  Yeah not that adam and eve arent real. I didnt even watch the video im not gonna watch something that attacks the word. The devil uses 99% truth. And 1% lies.

Leonard:  I wont poison myself and my beliefs with the type of church that horded all the bibles and manipulated the masses in the dark ages. I just seen a repeat . Its all crap. The bible is truth.

Klovv:  amen brother!!!!!!

David:  Amen Leonard!

Leonard:  This type of stuff should make us all go back and start reading and indulge in the word and the light. I have my bible on the way to my new crib. Gonna read some genesis and start my indulgence fresh. Have some nice books on how to be a pure single man which has a lot of Scripture references. Gonna start doing some bible study and ignore the devils desperate attempts at making me doubtful.

Martin:  I’m not even gonna get started on my opinion.

Klovv:  He who began a good work in us will complete it in Christ Jesus God is Good and wish for none to perish but all to come to full repentance and gain eternal life in Him.

Martin:  Myles Crawford anything to add?

Leonard:  I want to hear it. Good or bad its your post. Christians are supposed to do this type of stuff with each other so we can all be a light. So jesus can be a light through our brothers in christ.

Trent:  I’m curious to how you feel Martin:  you made the post…at the end of the day…we did not evolve from a big bang. ..There is an all mighty force power energy creator what have you…and we will have to answer for the lives we chose to live…I don’t associate with any religion …religion is man’s way to god….thru routine …rituals.. and firey hoops…Jesus is God’s way to man…This would be a great pep talk

Martin:  It’ll cause a major disturbance to the masses if we made it a pep talk

Trent:  That’s the point

David:  It seems as though the Pope is to busy trying to please man instead of pleasing God and His truth!

Trent:  We are not meant to be comfortable. If your comfortable there’s something wrong

Martin:  Religion; or rather indifference of opinion in belief systems, is the root cause to much of the war that has plagued humanity. By giving people knowledge of self through the teachings of they’re “gods”, people have become defensive and tyrants willing to do and say anything to protect they’re beliefs.

Leonard:  No man we should seek peace in the lord. If we truly walked and followed god we would have peace in our lives its not about living in fear.

Martin:  You can’t argue with a person that believes in Christ, or in any religion. It’s a one track mind programmed to believe in what they use to continue instilling faith and guidance for themselves to feel secure.

Leonard:  Well thats where Christianity stands out from all of them. Like I said earlier the masses wete decieved in the old days into crusades and war. Slaughter if you will. You should love your enemies. After all we dont know their place with the lord. And in turn judging theirs we will also be judged. In the same measure.

Leonard:  Because the bible warns of false profits. All this crap about being your own god and self enlightenment is the very temptation that the devil used to trick adam and eve. The very first lie …

Martin:  Anybody that expresses a difference in opinion, will always be told a passage from the word of the lord. Expressing a difference in opinion leads nowhere.

Martin:  Adam and eve was a metaphor

Martin:  The serpent was a metaphor

Trent:  Metaphor or not it’s brilliant. . And relevant. .weather the stories are true accounts of actual events or just stories…they are stories that if followed we would have peace and one love

Leonard:  No man. Im sorry but its not. You’re a good dude I applaud all the good things you do but I cant agree with you there. And you can say im programmed or w.e but my whole life was a struggle if anything I should hate god. But I was shown the love. I was shown how there is 1 true father. And I never had one. Im not christian of the year either . But what I do know is not to buy into the new age crap of self enlightenment. Hes the truth the way and the light. You can only get into the kingdom through him.

Leonard:  And I wasnt showm physically. It was put on my heart. Because thats where I accepted Christ.

Martin:  The Bible itself is a book of stories used as metaphors and guidance to provide their believers with a sense of purpose and belief in something, anything, that will allow those who believe in the word of the Lord to feel that they are not alone on this planet. There is no God in the skies, and there is no devil in the ground. Any passage from the Bible that is used to express indifference in opinion, has no actual backing to it. The strength that comes from the passages comes from how much belief a person has in what they are preaching and in what they have learned.

Trent:  So what Is the meaning of life and how did we all get here

Martin:  I’m not knocking on any religion. Self-enlightenment is something that I have discovered a long time ago and it is helped me get through my life in a blissful manner, much like what the word of the Lord does for all of you. I think that it is important to keep an open mind to what others try to teach you, without doubting it, and then use what we have learned to live our lives in harmony with one another.

Leonard:  Then why does the quran mention jesus. What about david. What about nephilem . What about the great flood that even the most educated archeologists admit to noahs arch being real AND FOUND?

Trent:  Martin…you can’t tell me your content with life.. you can’t tell me you don’t have a void you’ve been trying to fill?

Leonard:  Like I said. The devil will give you 99% of truth and deliver everything worldly. But I know inside of you even from seeing these types of posts you still have unanswered questions. Self enlightened or not

Leonard:  Im not knocking your ways youre clearly a smart dude. But being your own god is pride. And pride is the deadliest. Because no man can break your firm standing. Only god can. So ill pray man. And I dont ever pray. But I like you dude and I want to see you in the after life. As corny as that sounds to you , I know god has plans for you. Even bigger than the ones you have now.

Martin:  I really hope none of you got offended at my indifference in opinion. Just because I don’t preach the word of The Lord doesn’t mean I don’t believe in similar things.

I’m not religious. I’m spiritual. My wholeness comes from a different source. I believe in God as a higher power, an energy, a perfect harmony of science and metaphysics.

Praying is expressing love to self. When you pray to god, your praying to your sub-conscious mind. You pray to source. Your channeling energy to a higher power saying thank you and asking for whatever it is that you ask for. It’s all thought frequencies and vibrations transfixed into matter through time and aligning yourself with circumstances and events that lead you to make prayers come true.

At the end of it all, no one KNOWS anything. We just use theories that we have been taught or that we have learned to help us get through our day to day lives. There is no right and there is no wrong. Unfortunately even the most terrible circumstances that can be seen as evil cannot even be considered wrong in the eyes of some.

There is blessings and there is punishments for decisions that are made. Whether it is God or whether it is man that decides how one will be justified, that is up to source that has control of the situation to decide. Like I mentioned earlier, the secret to finding happiness, is to find perfect harmony with one another in every possible way.

Leonard:  Exactly what ive beem saying the time. Believing yourself as a god. Im not offended. Im just worry full. Because believing you are your own god and especially your thoughts on prayer is the very lie we were told in the beginning. Minus the apple and good and evil.

Even if youre not religious celebrating new years for instance is a ceremony for the roman god janus. The god of new beginnings etc. Hense the month January. If youre religious or not the youre living a religious life. Augustus , given god status we have a month named after him as well. We live by a pagan calendar. … even star bucks. Their emblem is a pagan siren I forget her name but she is posed in the exact same depiction only her tail is split exposing her privates.

There cant be all this false god crap with out there being a true god. We are all decieved. Even I am in lots of various places. But what I do know in my heart is jesus is lord. And hes my rock foundation. ive tried to do things my way, I got a long pretty far had a cute girl was having premarital sex living under the same roof not a care in the world I was full of myself thought I didnt need jesus and what happened ? My entire life collapsed around me with in hours.

Ups and downs are every where. Some people are meant to be filthy rich and some dirt poor. Its all in gods hands. You can achieve anything worldly with out the lord. Because he isnt the master of this place at the moment. But he will come back to claim whats rightfully his and all wickedness will bow. Every knee will take a kneel. I just dont want to be the one weaping and nashing in teeth as im cast to hell for believing im highwr and better than the almighty. No offense taken.

Like I said no man not even me can argue your path at the moment. I can merely be the light. After all my name means light bearer.

Klovv:  Isaiah 8:20 . Martin it is not religion u are knocking, it is Christ Jesus. Which atm makes u an Antichrist. But I bet there will come a time when u will beg for mercy and I wud be lying if I said that I do not desire to see the day that all bow down to Him because He is worthy! Im sick of watching ppl bow down to Satan! And that is why I can’t jump on ur “Be your best self, movement ” because u can never be your best self without Christ. Creator of your best self.

The Bible says Satan comes as an angel of light and his followers also portray a form of righteousness. If u are not on one side, im sorry to say but u are on the other. The Word is offensive. If it was created by them to enslave then why are they abolishing it to stroke ppls comfort zones and unbelief?! It makes no sense.

The real war here is against Satan and Jesus ! However Jesus has already won but now it’s a fight for the souls in between ! U and me! Get on the winning side ! Use your voice n talent to exalt the real Light ! Otherwise who are u exalting ?? Who is getting the glory?? My friend don’t let ur works be in vain. In Jesus name. Amen.

Martin:  We can go back and forth for eternity sharing theories and insights.

Ultimately, i respect you all and hope nothing but the best of love and joy to you and all you care about.

May your god continue to bless you with all the wonderful things that make your life whole.

Klovv, you exemplify the example of what Ive been talking about this whole time.

You are a one track mind because since you found Christ, that is what has “saved” you from yourself.

I congratulate you for finding your saviour and making a decision to stand by his word. I’m sure Christ (your christ) is very happy with you.

I can feel your blood boiling all the way from here.

Take it easy.

Do you and keep being a leader for those that need people with your beliefs to show them the way of your lord.

All love.

Stephanie: #alienorigins #RHnegativeblood #starchildskull


Hahaha… how did you pick up all these Facebook friends Martin? They’re such comedians..

Martin:  uh oh here we go….

Leonard:  Here goes nothing. I dont think youre an antichrist. Ive shared my views. Im going to bed ive been up for 20 hours no time for some one to try and insult me. #talktothehand


Leonard my friend, you have somewhat correctly identified paganism as the root of certain modern day christian/religious/social events.

Yet you mistake self enlightenment for ‘new age’. Where do you think the self enlightenment movement comes from other than old age paganism?

Indeed, the stories of the christian bible are all derived through old age pagan / chaldean / egyptian / babylonian / druid spiritual teachings.

The pope is poignantly correct in his revelation:

“Hell is merely a metaphor for the isolated soul”

And the isolated soul’s of christianity (Martin’s comedian friends) will do everything you all can to hold on to your chains of isolation…

…You have made your own hell. And you are all in it now. Your depth of love is nothing more than superficial neurotic self-deception which allows you to cope with your defaults of mental laziness and chronic spiritual confusion.

Truly pitiful.

Long live the new Pope of Humanism.

Trent:  Gav is a perfect example to what you are saying too Martin:  one track mind…feels he knows better and is referring to us as jokers…. Gav please fill us in on how you arrived at you place of enlightenment and how you know your right and we are all jokes

Stephanie: Lol


Trent… books + life experience + deep inner searching + honesty + wide scope accounting + a smidgen of actual human intelligence

Klovv:  My blood is nice and warm but not boiling over ur comments however if the pope makes another disregard to truth it might be lol, but thanks Martin same to u my friend. And ftr, I didn’t say u were The Antichrist but anything that doesnt believe in christ is antichrist that’s what I meant. And Christ didn’t just save me from me, He saved me from hell. Peace!

Martin:  Slowly but surely with an open mind/heart we will all come to agree to disagree and that harmony I mentioned earlier will come into manifestation.

Leonard:  Lol okay gav. I wrote a big paragraph but I deleted it. I dont have the energy to debate with someone who throws words like intelligence around with out the knowledge of mutual respect. No one was offending any one until mr.phd rolled up and felt the need to talk down to people. You keep your ways we’ll keep ours.


Leonard, you was deeply offending and disrespecting the honest spirit that Martin and all humanists carry. You can’t see that because of your own one-track narrow minded neuroses.

… and so it went for a lot longer and then the originator of the thread deleted the entire thing because it turned too raw for him and he told me he ‘lost a good friend’ because of the debate. I hadn’t saved any more of the thread. Here’s what I said to him:

One day you’re going to have to make a choice between living to your own real standards and building genuine friends that way, vs pandering to expediency through false superficial lower standards just so you get a bit of short-term comfort out of so-called friendships.

Stand up for what’s right and anyone that can’t accept your views should not be considered a ‘good friend’. I don’t debate on Facebook because it’s fun, I do it to empower, entertain and transform. Deleting those efforts is tragic.

In one of my replies I had pointed to Santos Bonacci’s excellent work on Syncretism with this video:

Christ filled Christmas? (Facebook debate about religion, syncretism and context)

Facebook debate with ‘Crock’ (name changed)…

Crock says to Frank:

A happy, Holy, Christ filled Christmas – A child is born .. and He was born to die for us all…Thank God for Jesus …

I reply…

Crock, what are you talking about? Your referring to ancient pagan sacred geometric metaphor used by the Christian church to wield mass hypnotic subservience right?

And thus it unfolds:


Hi Gavriel ..

1st. It is not Christian it is Catholic. There is a massive difference …

2nd. This I might suggest be of many of the major religions … I could list a few for you sometime if you wish.

3rd. Hardly sacred, if it is considered to be pagan on this I would agree…

4th. Hypnotic? I do not see that making a choice is considered to be a such a state … ( I see no mass hysteria within the Christian faith)

5th. Subservient, I am not to sure what you mean by this statement , maybe you could elaborate for me

6th. Celebrating the Birth of a Child has never been seen as an ancient pagan sacred geometric metaphor, especially when it has been a proven fact in this specific case.

7th. You will note that having been able to make these statements one would automatically show that one is able to make ones own choice, therefore one is not subservient as you so aptly put it. Thanks for your reply



The very fabric of the christian faith is based on subservient mass hysteria, that’s why you can’t see it Ray, because you’re currently consumed by it my friend.

There’s plenty of self-education available. This is highly recommended. Astro-Theology and Sidereal Mythology



There are no priests in the Christian Church (That is the Catholic Religion) The congregation I go to is free to come and go as it pleases, there are around 300 members.

I have read several books on your suggestion of a myth and have recently just read a book ‘The Myth Maker’ – by a Jewish writter, Hyram Maccoby – he made some very good points and some insights into the human mind, he even quoted from the New testament and the Tanakh.

The problem was his exegesis. You see he had little knowledge of either of the books that he suggested that he had studied to complete his otherwise excellently written work.

My question for you is this: Where do you gain your insight from.. is it the link that you have posted? I would be most pleased to know.

PS. As for christians to find salvation for thier sins .. That is why they are called Christians to some extent because the sin is forgiven.. It is those who are out side the fellowship of Christ that need the salvation.



My insights come from a lifetime of integration, not from one link. And frankly, you don’t need much insight to see through such a superficial literal view of jesus as a baby who died for our sins.

Try this Crock:



I am a little surprised here – You tell me that Christianity is controlling, deceptive and not the truth Yet this writer Michael Tsarion, admits to being a deceptive, a follower of the teachings and worshipper of a God called Arya. (Astro ‘heavenly Bodies’ … Theology ‘The study of God’ -(To whom you say you do not believe)

‘It is indispensable for readers interested in the holy art of deception.’ **the writers emphasis. ** He accepts that the writings are arcane astrology

Each book by Michael serves to open the eyes of the world to see the deception and worship of astral bodies.

Now that is interesting, can you explain how one can be freed by this religion/cult and by practising it grow in understanding and knowledge of the maker of the things that one worships.

I would have thought that worshipping the master that made the astral bodies would be more advantageous. “It reminds me of the ancient religion of Babylon”



You’ve got to break out of your narrow scope definitions of things such as god, first of all. You take the bible literally, when it’s a veiled deceptive metaphor and cover up of older genuine wisdoms. I think you’ll find answers to these questions in the Santos Bonacci video I posted above.



Syncretism – Why did you not tell me this before.

Lots of people many of them very nice I’m sure having met with some over the years through many of the pseudo Christian churches and groups .. in fact most of the members are form churches and religious groups. URC, Methodist, Unitarian, EST, Astrology, Parapsychology, Spiritism, Psychic Surgery, Christian Science, Theosophy, Unity, Buddhism, Jainism, Taoism, Zoroastrianism, Humanism, A.R.E., ESP. I have looked at and studied a couple of them over the years.

I remember sitting in a room with some people from a couple of these groups, I think that over an hour of heated discussion they only thing that they agreed with in the end was that they would like a cup of tea. Of which I promptly stood up to make for them.

PS. How else do children come into the world

I take it that you are originally of the ancient religion of the Torah. Pentateuch?



I’m not a syncretist. I’m a contextualist.

All of these factions also have tremendous superficial points of view, because they take things too literally. Santos Bonacci illustrates how Christianity and other religious beliefs originate from older practices.

All of your religious beliefs Crock, are fabrications, distortions and obfuscations of older superstitions/insights. That’s the point here.



Oh, got the name wrong Opp’s sorry…. Ok – This is what you are saying and I accept what you say, what intersts me is what you get out of this contextualist thing? I could tell you loads of what I get out of my thing .. Tell me mnore oK .


The key difference I believe is truth vs honesty. 

Contextualism facilitates honesty. Which is the process of integrating our experience in the widest possible way without cutting corners of conscious identification. 

Honesty on the other hand is the path of religious (superstitious) belief (faith backed by cutting corners on honest identification of experience). 

Your truths allow you a certain short-term comfort in life through hope in superficial fanciful emotionalisms, bringing long-term diminishment’s of spirit, ending in tragic and pointless death, first of soul, then of body. 

My honesty gives me the power to create real value for myself and loved ones for a longer-term benevolence of happiness forever.


Contextualism describes a collection of views that philosophies that emphasize the context in which an action, utterance, or expression occurs, and argues that, in some important respect, the action, utterance, or expression can only be understood relative to that context.

Contextualist views hold that philosophically controversial concepts, such as meaning, knowing that, having a reason to and possibly even being true or being right only have meaning relative to a specified con

1. Contextualist views are often closely aligned with situational ethics, or with moral relativism. Not a new area of thought, think you will find that it was most prevalent during the early 1920 on into the mid 1940’s.

2. Often expounded by the Philosophers of the day and the doctors of eugenics.. fascinating on the grounds of what you thought became acceptable, this was a way of sectioning out the people that one wanted to communicate with and those one did not.

The questions asked would be ‘What Truth would that be’ (Because if I do not see it as being relevant, then it has no place in my country, society or home) therefore truth becomes relative.

Another question would be ‘What Honesty would that be’ (Because if I do not see it as being relevant, then it has no place in my moral or status of my mind) – there are those that say Honesty is what you perceive it to be.

Contextualism describes a collection of views that philosophies that emphasize the context in which an action, utterance, or expression occurs, and argues that, in some important respect, the action, utterance, or expression can only be understood relative to that context.

Contextualist views hold that philosophically controversial concepts, such as meaning, knowing that, having a reason to and possibly even being true or being right only have meaning relative to a specified context.

I have yet to find a philosopher that had anything to be happy about; I spent so time years ago studding and the so called philosophers were always looking to chase the tail of the next monkey. -Ray (Some notes – Wikipedia)


Crock, your head seems to be full of philosophical mis-identifications (hence the superficial religious belief), but you can untangle that web of deceptions. 

Truth is relative to reality. Honesty is relative to individual perception. 

All falsehood rises from relative truths as they misrepresent reality. All neuroses, soulful turmoil and loss of selfhood comes from truths (relative misrepresentations of reality based on dishonest obfuscations of context). 

Integral human experience rises from the honesty process of identification relative to our individual perception of context. That’s the height of morality. The rise of the real self. The downfall of thousands of years of mystical confusion and organized religions.


Hi Gavriel,

philosophical misidentification (hence the superficial religious belief) – How you have come to this conclusion, when I have not mentioned what I believe is amazing.

If as you have already said in your previous replies to my messages to yourself.. That you have a differing belief structure and a different approach to how you see what you wish from life, far be it form me to tell you that you should change.

I replied to your statement stating that what I believe (celebrating a baby born) is a myth and I returned your message pointing out that I have had several discourses and reading from people who have said the same about Christianity i.e.. it is a Myth . All of them used a constant and unbroken line that they had studied and lived this amazing life without God and did not need Him. It has been their decision and I am happy for them.

The tyranny of choice as the enemy of relationships. Our culture teaches that by choosing to consume an endless stream of the latest what-not we validate ourselves and express our individuality. Exercising our right to choose is the way we are being programmed to function.

Yet our choices (truth – honesty) has consequences for our /your relationships: the decision whether or not to take a new job involves weighing up costs and benefits, not just oneself, but to ones family and my community.

Although choice (truth – honesty) is not a zero-sum game, there is usually a cost associated with a choice: the question is, who pays that cost? When choice is equated with (truth – honesty) personal freedom, the cost to others is disregarded.

Even though our choice (truth – honesty) is made in a seemingly caring and open way we have to keep on choosing in order to be free to continue to be true to ourselves (self-centred) everything, even our most intimate relationships, are reduced to momentary decisions (truth – honesty).

Against this, Christianity recognises that there is an aspect of what it means to be human which is even more fundamental than the ability to choose, and that is the ability to love.

To choose is to decide what to love and how much to love it. That is why it is reasonable to choose to commit to lifelong faithfulness to another human being and to make no end of sacrifices in order to see that person and others within the family circle flourish.

Because our culture sees choice (truth – honesty) as freedom what truth or honesty we choose becomes in a whim, disposable.

The emphasis on self /choice has made us a generation paralysed by FOMO (fear of missing out), which brings in a form of psychosis which says we must feel good all the time and be on top of everything.

Thus we are driven to pursue the widest possible range of experiences by YOLO (you only live once). The broken relationship rate is rising as people choose their (truth – honesty) freedom over working through their difficulties with or without a life-partner whom they choose or do not chose in the past or the future.

But the number of people choosing to cohabit in the first place is also falling and failing due to the choice issue whereby (truth – honesty) within the friendship / relationship becomes relative.

Restricting one’s future freedom of choice (truth – honesty) is seen as too much of a risk. If you see (truth – honesty) choice equated with freedom, choice (truth – honesty) is dissociated from reality and this from real life and commitment.

What takes its place is a closed and narrow outlook on life and a lose of all trust in the people, places, things that one sees both in the present and for the future …


Crock, we live in diametrically opposed worlds, and the distance between them is widening…

You have not responded to what I’ve said, only distorted the point of differentiating truth and honesty by inter-linking them into a hodgepodge concept. 

But even within your reply I can see the underlying challenge that you face, Crock. You relate the conflict of selfhood vs selflessness. 

In common terms: selfishness vs altruism (self-sacrifice). 

And within that distorted experience of life values, you are unable to equate love with individuality. 

You link love with sacrifice… giving up the free and real self in favour of the short-term comfort of collectivism (which I alluded to in an earlier reply). 

“The tyranny of choice as the enemy of relationships.”

You’ve actually given a confessional Crock, whether you see it or not. 

You confess your default to uphold your integral self in favour of maintaining relationships. 

And you call that love? Real love is about goodwill towards something that exists. 

Your version of love is about covering up the differences with layers of pretence, facilitating that short-term comfort that leads to diminishment’s of spirit and an empty soul. 

The new world is being built on integrity Crock. No superstitions. No false beliefs. No higher external authorities be it god or government. 

Each man and woman as self-responsible. 

Relationships built on truly relating to one another, as individuals. Unique. 

Like I said, two very different worlds. 

Yours is based on Plato’s truths. Mine is based on Aristotle’s honesties. 

Have you read any of Ayn Rand’s books? The Anthem? The Fountainhead? Atlas Shrugged? 

And try my post on Externalization of the Soul at http://www.cosmicelevator.com/…/asc…/externalisation-soul/

Crock, here’s from someone who gets it: www.skmecca.com/2010/08/31/the-purest-form-of-love/

Mother Teresa was no saint reveals new study

Mother Teresa… actually, she was at the pinnacle of altruistic philosophy:
To sacrifice human value and dignity in favor of ideas contrary to reality…
She said:

“There is something beautiful in seeing the poor accept their lot, to suffer it like Christ’s Passion. The world gains much from their suffering.”

Ahem: The world gains no value by an individuals suffering only where they learn and grow beyond that suffering.
Apparently, suffering and false irrational destructive religious altruistic ‘hope’ is all that the world gained from Mother Teresa.
Read more: Mother Teresa Was No Saint Says Study.

Defining spiritual survival

Spirituality has nothing to do with god or religion at all.

There are religious people who have absolutely no spirituality in them at all.

And there are spiritual people who bow to no religion or god.

So what then is spirituality?

The best definition I’ve come across is by Ayn Rand, who defined spirituality as:

One’s sense or view of life, combined with one’s assertiveness toward living

Think about it…

Spiritual survival boils down to staying connected with our deep natural origins and needs (emotional, psychology, intellectual) despite the globalisation shifts, evil power elites and the beneficient rise of rapidly advancing technologies.

Alone, frustrated and confused… I discovered God’s Dot

I was 15. Confused. Alone.

Desperately frustrated… with life, with the stagnant now, with myself.

Sitting in the middle of my bedroom, I gave myself permission.

Permission to feel, to express, to… cry.

Until that moment I hadn’t done that. I hadn’t faced the truths that lay within.

The actual bodily experience of my discombobulated journey through life thus far.

I cried deep. A slow wail and deep sobbing shook me, but I didn’t turn away. Not this time.

I went inside to look at my inner self, to see what I would… or could find.

Darkness engulfed me and soon, stillness.

Yet a new movement soon began.

Downwards, deeper and deeper, down into what I’ve recently learned is represented by the ‘Tan Tien’, the abdominal brain, a collection of neurons (‘brain’ cells) that each of us has around our small intestines.
A focal point of some spiritual meditative practices.

The experience was of sinking into a vastness of empty space…
empty relative to the noisy chaotic disorder of normal waking experience…
or certainly compared to the frustrated, confused and lonely young man.

Then, like a spaceship nearing a planet, my vision slowed as I neared a circle of light.
A cloudy hazy ring of effervescent exuberance, surrounding a distinct central dot.

On encountering this point, I had a realisation that
has been impressed upon my consciousness every since.
The realisation that this was my essence, my center.. and nothing could shake me from it.
That it was absolutely whole and fulfilled. And completely safe.
Neither lacking anything or needing anything. In a word, perfect.

I hovered there for just a moment, a moment that seemed fleeting yet full.
And I began to travel back from where I had come.
Back up, back out of the vastness within.

As I returned gradually to the room, my bedroom,
the sensations of my body returned and I realised my face was dry. No tears.
My face was relaxed. Not contorted by pain.
My brow was straight. Not frowning from confusion or frustration.
And my heart was floating. Not burdened by the previous weight of anguish.

I noticed the room was darker now than when I had sat down, because the sky outside was darker.
Some hours had passed though I don’t know exactly how long.

I haven’t felt comfortable sharing this experience for more than 15 years.
But it has become relevant for me in sharing with significant others,
or helping some through their own darkness and into the light.
And now feels time to share it with the world, or at least, whoever visits my site.

If you have a similar experience, I would love to hear of it.
I have found only one description that seems to closely match what I experienced, and that’s in a book by Taoist Master Mantak Chia.

So recently I have taken on the project to re-explore the same meditative route
(minus the frustration and confusion) down into that dark vastness to again reconnect with that circle and dot of light at my center.

On that day some 15-years ago I felt with certainty, yet at a loss for words, just as day follows night that:

The dot was both myself and it was god.

My connection to the energetically yin flux of the great cosmos is uncontrollable yet perfectly navigable, just as the rolling oceans

My single pointedness of penetrative yang consciousness must focus on living and loving creation.
This eternal quest embodies the will of the universe.

It’s what I call ‘God’s Dot’.

I am that I am.
And you too.

“The eternal silence of these infinite spaces fills me with dread.” – Blaise Pascal (1623 – 1662)

Pascal may have discovered the same inner vastness, yet he didn’t connect with his genuine divinity.

So following his “night of fire”, he lost himself forever by converting to Christianity.

Vitruvian Man and practical enlightenment

[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] V [/dropcap]itruvian man represents the archetype of humankind’s psychology, in our quest for purity.

However – just as you can’t achieve happiness by directly chasing it, so we can’t ascend to archetypal purity by chasing the models of esoteric or new-age philosophy.

We need a modern practical framework to facilitate wisdom and to mitigate confusion or superficial interpretation.

The best that old civilisations could come up with was religion. But religion breeds unhealthy restriction, irrational fraud and narrow minded dogma.

Today we have a new chance, and a single choice.

A chance to build a bias-free framework of nothing but one’s own internal guidance system… your consciousness purified by honesty.

The 7 dimensions framework published on www.cosmicelevator.com is a model that facilitates that purification, a holistic and simple approach around which to think, feel and act in such a way as to actually ascend to the purity of archetypal humankind through your own efforts.

Stop expecting miracles to come from sacred geometry, numerology, the heavens and the stars, without quickly realising that the only real answers are inside – and the way forward is highly practical.

Our choice is to physically build a better world by reflecting our individual inner self in our external earthly environment.

How you live is who you are.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Only then will you really come to understand all that mystical new-age fluffy stuff. Only then will you coral enough willpower and purity of intent to live in genuine loving kindness. Because only by pursuing worldly understanding will you know your divine spirit.

This is upside down to all the worlds failed religions, superstitions and beliefs. And that is exactly why it can succeed.

The current generation of globally awakened will win the war of two worlds. The war not between government and people, nor between materialism and spirituality, nor between good and evil.

It’s much broader yet much simpler than all that. Earth’s final war is simply the battle between value creators and value destroyers.

Do you see how straight forward and practical that is? How down to Earth?

So which side are you on, really?

  • Do you know how to contribute value to others?
  • Do you know how to create your gift?
  • Do you know how to get organized and get moving?
  • Do you know how to concentrate?
  • Do you know how to empathise and communicate?
  • Do you know how to think?

And how can you maximise those characteristics to the n’th degree while learning to survive and prosper amidst today’s great global awakening?

Join me inside www.cosmicelevator.com