Trumpmania in Sci-Fi World 2020+ is quickly forgotten.

Not because it was bad. But because it’s job is done.

The swamp is drained.

The gridlock on society from left / right bullshit politics is over.

Looking back on Trumps presidency most people now recognise the lies of mainstream media.

He wasn’t really such a bad guy after all, people discover.

And now in Sci-Fi World with politics being abandoned for laissez-free blockchain economics, there is no longer a need from Trumpmania.

He retires well.

The world moves on.

Radical Centrism leads to a new form of Egalitarian Libertarianism.

I doubt Trump can even pronounce those words.

He doesn’t have to. He was a smooth talker to the right audience when Killary Clinton had to be stopped at a time that international banking interests wanted to shift the global economic power from West to East.

Asia is on the rise. America must rebuild its self in Sci-Fi World via the radical centrist platform of local pragmatic solutions.

Politics isn’t needed.

And so neither is Trumpmania.

In Sci-World, Presidents like Trump don’t exist.

There’s no need for them.

Trump served his important roll at this time in human history, and the world can now move on.

The swamp of politics has not only been drained, but is becoming so squeaky clean that you can feel safe to leave your kids to play there once again.

The corruption, fraud, paedophilia, racketeering, warmongering, collonialism, and so on is now being fully prosecuted and shut down, piece by piece. And peace is the result. Genuine, enduring, lasting, authentic, tolerant peace.

Trump the ‘strongman of the hour’.

Now a new system based on adherence to constitutional law is quickly emerging — partly based on the Swiss Canton system of sovereign independent states. Yes that’s right, the United States as we knew it has disbanded.

The blue states are finding their left leaning socialist solutions via blockchain technology.

And the red states are finding their right leaning capitalist solutions via blockchain technology.

That’s right, Trumpmania Politics along with the left right paradigm has all but collapsed into a new hybrid cultural system where traditional political philosophies matter much less than the practicalities of individual rights and market regulation delivered by blockchain.


Politics in Sci-World 2030 becomes entirely irrelevant.

And that’s because it is.

No more force backed taxation. No more force imposed regulation. No more fraud based corporatism.

New technologies have enabled We The People to expose Them The Political Parasites and their old methods of control no longer work.

Communications, the Internet, and blockchain have exposed political corruption to the core.

And better systems of local, inter-connected, democratic yet laissez-faire market governance has replaced the old wind-bags seeking unearned glory and power in politics.

Business is King. Science is Queen. Each individual is the Prince or Princess of his or her own destiny.

No group dares to force their narrow-minded will onto any other group or individual for fear of being ostracized from society.

That means, the business of politics as usual is over. And good riddance. 

Political revolution is seen increasingly as behind us. The world moves politically through Radical Centrism towards a refined version of Libertarianism.

Democracy is abandoned. The sentiment of Democracy is seen as “two wolves and a sheep deciding what to have for lunch”.

Radical Centrism takes root as Catalonia breaks from mainland Spain and the EU Tyrannical Dictatorship in Brussels crumbles.

Radical Centrism is about idealism with realism. The pragmatic middle.

That shift in mass political sentiment sweeps the globe and ushers in a new era of tolerance, respect, autonomy, freedom.

The economic boom created by Radical Centrism propels Sci-Fi World into super rapidly advancing new technologies and techniques that solve social problems without the need for group rights being imposed on minorities (the end of ‘national democracy’).

Instead, small local communities decide on their own governance structures.

Local politics vs Geo politics

  • Local politics is what happens in your home back yard, between people who group together in local councils, rise to the top, and get paid via taxes taken from other people. 
  • Geo-politics is similar on a global scale, where large organisations and nation states battle for dominance in the global economy (money makes the world go round). 

As we approach SciFi World, the process of restructuring geo-politics accelerates with the rise of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. 

It gives opportunity for the decentralization of finance, leading to countries abandoning the US dollar as the global reserve currency. 

“Russia and China talks about leaving the USD.

Germany says it wants to leave the dollar.

Turkey moves to drop the dollar.

Lets not forget Iran 🙂 ” 

What comes next? 

Decentralized Cryptocurrency



In Sci-World, Presidents like Trump don’t exist.

There’s no need for them.

Trump served his important roll at this time in human history, and the world can now move on.

The swamp of politics has not only been drained, but is becoming so squeaky clean that you can feel safe to leave your kids to play there once again.

The corruption, fraud, paedophilia, racketeering, warmongering, collonialism, and so on is now being fully prosecuted and shut down, piece by piece. And peace is the result. Genuine, enduring, lasting, authentic, tolerant peace.

Trump the ‘strongman of the hour’.

Now a new system based on adherence to constitutional law is quickly emerging — partly based on the Swiss Canton system of sovereign independent states. Yes that’s right, the United States as we knew it has disbanded.

The blue states are finding their left leaning socialist solutions via blockchain technology.

And the red states are finding their right leaning capitalist solutions via blockchain technology.

That’s right, Trumpmania Politics along with the left right paradigm has all but collapsed into a new hybrid cultural system where traditional political philosophies matter much less than the practicalities of individual rights and market regulation delivered by blockchain.

Doug Casey's Top Five Reasons Not to Vote

By Doug Casey, Casey Research
L: Doug, we’ve spoken about presidents. We have a presidential election coming up in the US – an election that could have significant consequences on our investments. But given the views you’ve already expressed on the Tea Party movement and anarchy, I’m sure you have different ideas. What do you make of the impending circus, and what should a rational man do?
Doug: Well, a rational man, which is to say, an ethical man, would almost certainly not vote in this election, or in any other – at least above a local level, where you personally know most of both your neighbors and the candidates.
L: Why? Might not an ethical person want to vote the bums out?
Doug: He might feel that way, but he’d better get his emotions under control. I’ve thought about this. So let me give you at least five reasons why no one should vote.
The first reason is that voting is an unethical act, in and of itself. That’s because the state is pure, institutionalized coercion. If you believe that coercion is an improper way for people to relate to one another, then you shouldn’t engage in a process that formalizes and guarantees the use of coercion.
L: It’s probably worth defining coercion in this context. I know you agree with me that force is ethical in self-defense. A murderer I shoot might feel coerced into accepting a certain amount of hot lead that he did not consent to, but he intended the same, or worse, for me, so the scales are balanced. What you are talking about is forcing innocent, non-consenting others to do things against their wills, like paying taxes that go to pay for military adventures they believe are wrong, etc.
Doug: Right. The modern state not only routinely coerces people into doing all sorts of things they don’t want to do – often very clearly against their own interests – but it necessarily does so, by its nature. People who want to know more about that should read our conversation on anarchy. This distinction is very important in a society with a government that is no longer limited by a constitution that restrains it from violating individual rights. And when you vote, you participate in, and endorse, this unethical system.
L: It’s probably also worth clarifying that you’re not talking about all voting here. When you are a member of a golfing club and vote on how to use the fees, you and everyone else have consented to the process, so it’s not unethical. It’s participating in the management of the coercive machinery of the state you object to, not voting in and of itself.
Doug: Exactly. As Mao correctly said, “The power of the State comes out of the barrel of a gun.” It’s not like voting for the leadership of a social club. Unlike a golfing club or something of that nature, the state won’t let you opt out.
L: Even if you’re not harming anyone and just want to be left alone.
Doug: Which relates to the second reason: privacy. It compromises your privacy to vote. It gets your name added to a list government busybodies can make use of, like court clerks putting together lists of conscripts for jury duty. Unfortunately, this is not as important a reason as it used to be, because of the great proliferation of lists people are on anyway. Still, while it’s true there’s less privacy in our world today, in general, the less any government knows about you, the better off you are. This is, of course, why I’ve successfully refused to complete a census form for the last 40 years.
L: [Chuckles] We’ve talked about the census. Good for you.
Doug: It’s wise to be a nonperson, as far as the state is concerned, as far as possible.
L: Not to digress too much, but some people might react by saying that juries are important.
Doug: They are, but it would be a waste of my time to sign up for jury duty, because I would certainly be kicked off any jury. No attorney would ever let me stay on the jury once we got to voir dire, because I would not agree to being a robot that simply voted on the facts and the law as instructed by the judge – I’d want to vote on the morality of the law in question too. I’d be interested in justice, and very few laws today, except for the basic ones on things like murder and theft, have anything to do with justice. If the case related to drug laws, or tax laws, I would almost certainly automatically vote to acquit, regardless of the facts of the case.
L: I’ve thought about it too, because it is important, and I might be willing to serve on a jury. And of course I’d vote my conscience too. But I’d want to be asked, not ordered to do it. I’m not a slave.
Doug: My feelings exactly.
L: But we should probably get to your third reason for not voting.
Doug: That would be because it’s a degrading experience. The reason I say that is because registering to vote, and voting itself, usually involves taking productive time out of your day to go stand around in lines in government offices. You have to fill out forms and deal with petty bureaucrats. I know I can find much more enjoyable and productive things to do with my time, and I’m sure anyone reading this can as well.
L: And the pettier the bureaucrat, the more unpleasant the interaction tends to be.
Doug: I have increasing evidence of that every time I fly. The TSA goons are really coming into their own now, as our own home-grown Gestapo wannabes.
L: It’s a sad thing… Reason number four?
Doug: As P.J. O’Rourke says in a recent book, and as I’ve always said, voting just encourages them.
I’m convinced that most people don’t vote for candidates they believe in, but against candidates they fear. But that’s not how the guy who wins sees it; the more votes he gets, the more he thinks he’s got a mandate to rule – even if all his votes are really just votes against his opponent. Some people justify this, saying it minimizes harm to vote for the lesser of two evils. That’s nonsense, because it still leaves you voting for evil. The lesser of two evils is still evil.
Incidentally, I got as far as this point in 1980, when I was on the Phil Donahue show. I had the whole hour on national TV all to myself, and I felt in top form. It was actually the day before the national election, when Jimmy Carter was the incumbent, running against Ronald Reagan. After I made some economic observations, Donahue accused me of intending to vote for Reagan. I said that I was not, and as sharp as Donahue was, he said, “Well, you’re not voting for Carter, so you must be voting Libertarian…”
I said no, and had to explain why not. I believed then just as I do now. And it was at about this point when the audience, which had been getting restive, started getting really upset with me. I never made it to point five.
Perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised. That same audience, when I pointed out that their taxes were high and were being wasted, contained an individual who asked, “Why do we have to pay for things with our taxes? Why doesn’t the government pay for it?” I swear that’s what he said; it’s on tape. If you could go back and watch the show, you’d see that the audience clapped after that brilliant question. Which was when I first realized that while the situation is actually hopeless, it’s also quite comic…
L: [Laughs]
Doug: And things have only gotten worse since then, with decades more public education behind us.
L: I bet that guy works in the Obama administration now, where they seem to think exactly as he did; the government will just pay for everything everyone wants with money it doesn’t have.
Doug: [Chuckles] Maybe so. He’d now be of an age where he’s collecting Social Security and Medicare, plus food stamps, and likely gaming the system for a bunch of other freebies. Maybe he’s so discontent with his miserable life that he goes to both Tea Party and Green Party rallies to kill time. I do believe we’re getting close to the endgame. The system is on the verge of falling apart. And the closer we get to the edge, the more catastrophic the collapse it appears we’re going to have.
Which leads me to point number five: Your vote doesn’t count. If I’d gotten to say that to the Donahue audience, they probably would have stoned me. People really like to believe that their individual votes count. Politicians like to say that every vote counts, because it gets everyone into busybody mode, makes voters complicit in their crimes. But statistically, any person’s vote makes no more difference than a single grain of sand on a beach. Thinking their vote counts seems to give people who need it an inflated sense of self-worth.
That’s completely apart from the fact – as voters in Chicago in 1960 and Florida in 2000 can tell you – when it actually does get close, things can be, and often are, rigged. As Stalin famously said, it’s not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes.
Anyway, officials manifestly do what they want, not what you want them to do, once they are in office. They neither know, nor care, what you want. You’re just another mark, a mooch, a source of funds.
L: The idea of political representation is a myth, and a logical absurdity. One person can only represent his own opinions – if he’s even thought them out. If someone dedicated his life to studying another person, he might be able to represent that individual reasonably accurately. But given that no two people are completely – or even mostly – alike, it’s completely impossible to represent the interests of any group of people.
Doug: The whole constellation of concepts is ridiculous. This leads us to the subject of democracy. People say that if you live in a democracy, you should vote. But that begs the question of whether democracy itself is any good. And I would say that, no, it’s not. Especially a democracy unconstrained by a constitution. That, sadly, is the case in the US, where the Constitution is 100% a dead letter. Democracy is nothing more than mob rule dressed up in a suit and tie. It’s no way for a civilized society to be run. At this point, it’s a democracy consisting of two wolves and a sheep, voting about what to eat for dinner.
L: Okay, but in our firmly United State of America today, we don’t live in your ideal society. It is what it is, and if you don’t vote the bums out, they remain in office. What do you say to the people who say that if you don’t vote, if you don’t raise a hand, then you have no right to complain about the results of the political process?
Doug: But I do raise a hand, constantly. I try to change things by influencing the way people think. I’d just rather not waste my time or degrade myself on unethical and futile efforts like voting. Anyway, that argument is more than fallacious, it’s ridiculous and spurious. Actually, only the non-voter does have a right to complain – it’s the opposite of what they say. Voters are assenting to whatever the government does; a nonvoter can best be compared to someone who refuses to join a mob. Only he really has the right to complain about what they do.
L: Okay then, if the ethical man shouldn’t vote in the national elections coming up, what should he do?
Doug: I think it’s like they said during the war with Viet Nam: Suppose they gave a war, and nobody came? I also like to say: Suppose they levied a tax, and nobody paid? And at this time of year: Suppose they gave an election, and nobody voted?
The only way to truly delegitimize a corrupt system is by not voting. When tin-plated dictators around the world have their rigged elections, and people stay home in droves, even today’s “we love governments of all sorts” international community won’t recognize the results of the election.
L: Delegitimizing evil… and without coercion, or even force. That’s a beautiful thing, Doug. I’d love to see the whole crooked, festering, parasitical mass in Washington – and similar places – get a total vote of no-confidence.
Doug: Indeed. Now, I realize that my not voting won’t make that happen. My not voting doesn’t matter any more than some naïve person’s voting does. But at least I’ll know that what I did was ethical. You have to live with yourself. That’s only possible if you try to do the right thing.
L: At least you won’t have blood on your hands.
Doug: That’s exactly the point.
L: A friendly amendment: you do staunchly support voting with your feet.
Doug: Ah, that’s true. Unfortunately, the idea of the state has spread over the face of the earth like an ugly skin disease. All of the governments of the world are, at this point, growing in extent and power – and rights violations – like cancers. But still, that is one way I am dealing with the problem; I’m voting with my feet. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. It’s idiotic to sit around like a peasant and wait to see what they do to you.
To me, it makes much more sense to live as a perpetual tourist, staying no more than six months of the year in any one place. Tourists are courted and valued, whereas residents and citizens are viewed as milk cows. And before this crisis is over, they may wind up looking more like beef cows. Entirely apart from that, it keeps you from getting into the habit of thinking like a medieval serf. And I like being warm in the winter, and cool in the summer.
L: And, as people say: “What if everyone did that?” Well, you’d see people migrating towards the least predatory states where they could enjoy the most freedom, and create the most wealth for themselves and their posterity. That sort of voting with your feet could force governments to compete for citizens, which would lead to more places where people can live as they want. It could become a worldwide revolution fought and won without guns.
Doug: That sounds pretty idealistic, but I do believe this whole sick notion of the nation-state will come to an end within the next couple generations. It makes me empathize with Lenin when he said, “The worse it gets, the better it gets.” Between jet travel, the Internet, and the bankruptcy of governments around the world, the nation-state is a dead duck. As we’ve discussed before, people will organize into voluntary communities we call phyles.
L: That’s the name given to such communities by science fiction author Neal Stephenson in his book The Diamond Age, which we discussed in our conversation on Speculator’s Fiction. Well, we’ve talked quite a bit – what about investment implications?
Doug: First, don’t expect anything that results from this US election to do any real, lasting good. And if, by some miracle, it did, the short-term implications would be very hard economic times. What to do in either case is what we write about in our big-picture newsletter, The Casey Report.
More important, however, is to have a healthy and useful psychological attitude. For that, you need to stop thinking politically, stop wasting time on elections, entitlements, and such nonsense. You’ve got to use all of your time and brain power to think economically. That’s to say, thinking about how to allocate your various intellectual, personal, and capital assets, to survive the storm – and even thrive, if you play your cards right.
L: Very good. I like that: think economically, not politically. Thanks, Doug!
Doug: My pleasure.

Irrespective of whether one agrees with Doug’s politics, his investing record speaks for itself. And just like him, the analysts and editors at Casey Research dig deep in their respective fields and are blunt in their assessments. One thing many agree that the US will have to face, no matter the outcome of the presidential election, is its growing debt crisis.

Surely, we should all vote, right? (poetic sarcasm inside)

It’s our responsibility to vote, isnt it?
To reap all those government funded benefits of education, health services and safety through regulation…
…should we be happy each paycheck, when half of it’s taken as force backed taxation?
If you recognise poli-tics as blood sucking parasites and think Government is totally destructive… hell you may be absolutely right, but you still use Roads funded by public money, Hospitals too. Even emergency services… (Just ask the forgotten folk of Hurricane Katrina)
You get food stamp entitlements, and the way things are going chances are you’ll soon need ’em.
And good ol’ Obama is even buying you killer drones to take out those murderous terrorists in Pakistan, soon India.
Truth is that ‘politically engaged’ and ‘politically awake’ are very very different states of being.
Just ask my main man, Zbigniew Brzezinski (see video below)
And thank goodness for those idealist Ron Paul ‘hooligans’ being thrown out of the RNC Convention!
You must have seen the full situation on reliable main stream media.
So if you want continued government public services go ahead and vote in November, or any political election for that matter.
Consider the ancient Greek democratically elected Peloponnesian Wars (in which sons butchered their fathers) and went on for 30 years…
But 2,000 years since then has seen the political voting system develop into the height of honest justice and morality, clearly?
Hmm perhaps not but Politicians still get off almost scott free. In the name of ‘national security’.
So vote because they’re rotten evil scum without soul or empathy.
But vote none-the-less because despite the increasing tyranny…
… You benefit in the short-term if you need a quick fix.
Medicare for the aged who’ve seen better times.
And mind control schooling for all those little pricks.
With true science and spirituality hidden in rhymes.
The younger generation are your hope for the future.
Now obedient and brainwashed ready for Obamas child army.
Who’ll be spying on us adults – like Hitlers Germany.
But at least you have medicare so if your irresponsible diet gives you a cavity…
Dear politically engaged citizen, vote at the booth…
Because public money will fix you up nicely – with a mercury laden tooth.

London Riots of August 2011

“The London mayor, Boris Johnson, is apparently not considering cutting his holiday short. Kit Malthouse, the deputy mayor for policing in London, said [his] return would “kind of reward” criminality.”
That man has got to go! Kick the scum bag out. And Kit needs the sack. The London police may have killed a man and all hell’s a breakin’ loose. This is just the start of things to come
And Politicians will attempt to turn a blind eye and do nothing since taking responsibility, taking action and cutting your holiday short would be ‘kind of rewarding’ to criminality.
The only way out of the coming mass social destructions a…nd riots is for people to recognise and uphold the prime law:
No Force, Except in Self-Defense.
Do not start violence, do not initiate. But by sure as god’s will and universal abundance, defend against force with force.
I wonder if the investigation will end up another cover up or if we’ll actually find out what really happened with Mark Duggan and justice brought against those police. Surely all those friggin CCTV’s in the streets could have picked up a g…un fight if that really happened.
And when the news says “the violence and riots is nothing more nothing less than opportunist criminality” – that’s bullshit. The people are mad as hell about a hole bunch of things, and they’re simply not gonna take it anymore. No they should not initiate force. But government has initiated force on the populace for long enough. Anything can be a catalyst. And a man shot dead by police is a pretty good catalyst.

How To Win Political Elections – The Other 85%

Gavin Webb pulled off a very nice demonstration in a local council election campaign.
Simply canvassing door to door handing out his leaflet he secured 13% of the vote and came in ahead of UKIP.
Here’s the graphic on Gavin’s site.
libertarian vote
Yet the part I’m excited by is the part most people wouldn’t notice.
The part that most such political election charts generally do not show.
The part that says:

Turnout 15.9%

Why does that excite me?
Well… isn’t it obvious?
Because of the 85% that didn’t turn out to vote.
Therein lies the incredible potential for a massive and sudden clean-sweep political victory.
No more singing to the choir of existing political voters… no more political-speak…
…but awakening the sleeping masses by aligning with their disdain for politics as a whole and showing them how by their vote we can very quickly throw the entire rotten lot of politicians out of power and give the UK an entirely new opportunity.
It will be done…

…visit the main page on enlightened political activism.


They are not 'my' 1%

By my friend Milessa from Minesota US:
Those of you who know me know that I have rarely, if ever, posted anything political on facebook.
There are many reasons for that, one being that I have been told that I should just keep my mouth shut because my views may be too “radical”. It’s also because I personally feel that political rantings spawn frenzies of angry commenting that are unnecessary.
But today, I want to tell you a story.
The story of what it is really like to be an “American”. (Meaning, an American from the United States of America, not from Central or South America, where the people are also “Americans”.)
When you have been followed down an alleyway in a foreign country and threatened for having a president that you never voted for in the first place, then you can tell me what it’s like to be an American.
When you can tell me what it is like to have people of other nations cuss you out for ruining the global economy while you are watching your own friends and family lose every penny and everything they ever owned or saved, then you can talk to me about “my” one percent.
When you know that one of your best friend’s father and brother were killed by the American military in Guatemala, yet you have to look your cousin in the eye and tell him you are proud of him because he is going to Afghanistan for the second time to fight for our “rights”, you can tell me you know what it is like to be an American.
When you are living in Guatemala and everyone assumes that you are rich, and they ask you for money, and they expect you to take care of them, but you are selling your own clothes just to eat because you don’t have two cents to rub together, you can tell me you know what it’s like to be American.
When your own boyfriend or girlfriend tells you that they hate your country and they vowed never to fall in love with someone from the United States, you can tell me what it is like to be an American.
When you can look me in the face, and understand that NOT ONE of your friends from Central America can come to your country for even a DAY unless they have a huge bank account, a house paid off, a steady high-paying job and can pay $300 for a visa hearing at an embassy (where they could still be told NO), then you could tell me you know what it is like.
If I was from almost ANY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD my friends could come visit me, but I am American, and they can’t come here.
When you can tell me that you know what it’s like to be a first generation college student who has held down two to three jobs steadily since you were sixteen, but you are still sitting in a mountain of debt JUST BECAUSE you wanted an education, then you can tell me you know what it is like to be an American.
When your grandparents have to work until they are 75 because your grandpa had a heart attack and they couldn’t pay the medical bills, even though they have worked tirelessly all their lives, then you can tell me what it’s like to be an American.
When you have to sit there and listen to your European friends tell you about their FREE college and FREE healthcare and FREE benefits to all, regardless of if they have a job, then you can tell me what it is like to be an American. (Yes, they pay more taxes, but they have education, healthcare and benefits….get it yet!!!!????)
When you can tell me what it is like to watch your father work 70 hours a week and continuously earn less and less money to the point where there is hardly anything left…and watch him turn grey and old with nothing to show for his years of toil……yet someone tells you that “your” 1% is to blame….THEN you can tell me that you know what it is like to be an American…
I am grateful for the opportunities I have and the freedom my country offers me, and I will continue to be grateful for these things.
However, I am also an informed and aware US citizen, and I would like to let you know that they are NOT “my” 1%…………………..

It's the Economy, Stupid (political philosophy: Capitalism vs Socialism)

…was a phrase widely used during Bill Clinton’s 1992 US presidential election…
…who then proceeded to stupidly sink America even closer to its current collapse.
But the market place is changing. Free Market principles are seeping into mainstream media and mass awareness.

Watch the Keynes vs Hayek Rap

And the article: The Brilliance of That Hayek vs Keynes Rap

Already, the video has been viewed a half million times and has made international news. Aside from its high production values, what’s remarkable about it is its theoretical accuracy and transparency. It has brought Austrian business-cycle theory from the background to the forefront of debate.

After the rap, continue with:

How the Stock Market and Economy Really Work

See Kel Kelly’s article at
Some highlights:

“A growing economy consists of prices falling, not rising.”
The whole system of inflation is solely for the purpose of theft and wealth redistribution.
Government spending harms the economy and forestalls its healing.
“What is most needed during recessions is for the economy to be allowed to get worse — for it to flush out the excesses and reset itself on firm footing.”
The fact that we have to save for the future is, in fact, an outrage. Were no money printed by the government and the banks, things would get cheaper through time, and we would not need much money for retirement, because it would cost much less to live each day then than it does now. But we are forced to invest in today’s government-manipulated inflation-creation world in order to try to keep our purchasing power constant.

If you are a business owner or marketer, or ‘concerned citizen’, be ready for some great politico-economic shifts coming to a town near you.

Focus on value.

  • Value to the business (real bottom line profitability) via
  • Value to your customer (anything that genuinely improves physical, emotional, psychological, intellectual, spiritual wellbeing)

And watch out for a return to the gold standard. Real money rather than paper money.
Business’s that meet the coming changeover will be in an excellent position to profit and build a stronger brand.
It might take a few more years yet, but we’ll get there.

Naomi Klein’s Disaster Capitalism

February 2010:
I am currently reading Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine, and I have to say I am shocked.
Not only by the fascinating contents and details of history that she presents, but also her incredible narrow-minded naive or downright intellectual self-dishonesty. I will have more to say on Naomi Klein in due course.
For now though, and with this update and orientation for the site, I am off to visit the local mountain range with a Venezuela Lawyer, to enjoy new foods, explore new cultural curiosities, and soak up the Caribbean sun.
Update: Here’s a good video from Cato Institute:


Social Science and Marketing

What is the future of business and marketing?
The big picture of Social Science, via the historical insight afforded us by Carol Quigley, and the contemporary commentary provided by Zbigniew Brzezinski.
The focus in Europe on Schumpterian economics, the liberation of innovation, tempered by control from the elites.
The growth in the field of human genomics… in exponential incline even against the 18-monthly doubling effect of computer technology as per Moore’s Law.
The mindless mass hypnosis created by Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.
These are scary times… to be in business, to attempt insight into consumerism, even to be alive.
But it would seem that the undercurrents of technological progress are certain. We shall no doubt live to see astonishing changes.
Some of us will profit from them. Some of us will affect them. Others will watch as they flash wizzing by. But even they will benefit from them.
Perhaps 4 things are worth reflecting for their importance:

  • collaboration – how web2.0 will grow through open source networking to evolve how we live.
  • management – old structures of large enterprise being replaced and outcompeted by teens in jeans.
  • marketing – ever more insight into consumer behaviour coupled with constant refinement of permission marketing and needs-oriented innovation
  • technology – new surprises from the R&D labs and other science labs that create disruptive breakpoints.

I look forward to tomorrow.