Surrender the Ego?

Look at what lowly position our ‘ego’ is given by the message in this new-age image…

“In total surrender of the Ego, the transformation of our vibration unfolds by itself, to levels far beyond our imagination”

…and then carefully consider the following quote from the truly excellent book “Healing Light of the Tao: Foundational Practices to Awaken Chi Energy” by Master Mantak Chia…

In many religions and spiritual organisations, people are taught to surrender themselves, drop their egotism, practice self-sacrifice, and love others before they have accumulated enough energy and virtue to love themselves, much less the people close to them.

Taoists observe that one’s energy is unprotected when one has not learned to open and clear the Microcosmic Orbit… Such an individual is highly vulnerable to unethical people who may try to drain his or her life-force to build their own immortality.

Sometimes they are influenced to surrender themselves and their energy in subtle ways they don’t consciously recognise. This is a form of energy vampirism.

They gradually become weaker and poorer, eventually losing their life-force to others who are in turn becoming stronger, wealthier, and more powerful.

Our spiritual ignorance is reflected in the habits of our society. Not knowing how to nurture true spiritual growth, millions of people are slipping further away from their spiritual essence as they search for fulfilment…

It’s not pleasant to receive a message that you are negatively effecting the spiritual growth of people by spreading messages of ‘surrender the ego’.

By integrating deeper into the arts of spiritual growth and recognising the superficial messages of the typical new-age movement, we really do have an opportunity to all grow in love and light.

But it can only be done via self-responsibility, independence of thought, practical disciplines, and fully integrated honesty.

There are good parts as well as bad parts of our ego.

Knowing the difference represents the entire battle for enlightenment.

The ego is part-and-parcel of your sense of self, your identity, your self-hood.

And we all identify with both good, genuine, honest things as well as various negative programming we’ve taken onboard too.

But proclaiming the ‘total surrender of the ego’ as a good thing is running in completely the wrong direction.

Some of my readers, even friends, think I’ve become too hard in my recent comments.

If you saw what I’ve seen, you’d know I’m not being hard enough.

We really have an opportunity here.

And it’s time to wake up, grow up and stand up.

Don’t let energetic vampires steal our future.

Become the person you are meant to be.

An individual… with a balanced ego.


And free.

  • J Jensen says:

    Total surrender of the ego to the soul? That is part of the result of life on this planet at the end of the greater planetary evolutionary cycle. The processes that can leads to this moment are multiple. Sone of them can include a direct and conscious surrendering to ones soul and spirit.

    Surrendering your ego or parts of your energy system to other people, collectives or even matrixes can be huge problem, yes. But surrendering your ego to your own soul is not part of what Mantak Chia talks about, in my best understanding.