The Strangest Business Meeting


The Strangest Business Meeting

I just had the strangest business meeting ever.

It went on for an entire hour.

Has very substantial money involved.


We didn’t talk about business goals.

Specific projects.

The market.

Or the product.

We didnt talk about investment.

Measures of success.

Or action steps.

We spoke about my dreams.

My aspirations.

Things I want for my Life.

The contributions I want to make.

Experiences that are meaningful for me.

The people I care about.

The meaning and significance behind what this big business project will mean.

But nothing specific about business per se.

I’m reminded of this passage By Edward Markham…

“We all are blind until we see
That in the human plan
Nothing is worth the making if
It does not make the man.

Why build these cities glorious
If man unbuilded goes?

In vain we build the world, unless
The builder also grows.”

Truly we are entering a new phase in humanities evolution.

…Where our dreams and aspirations become the central focus of why we bother doing anything at all.

Including… and especially, business projects.

Where YOUR dreams are the topic of initial business project meetings.

Today’s meeting was the best ‘business’ meeting I ever had.

Im going to pay it forward and help people define their dreams at the start of my business meetings with them.

So, what do you want?

Because as my homey Napolen Hill says:

Whatever the mind can conceive (our dreams)
And bring itself to believe (positive expectation based on clarity, experience and reason)
It can achieve.

So here’s a suggestion:

If you too would like to participate.

To share business projects and ideas with the focus on helping define and achieve our respective dreams…

Then make the decision, get in touch with me, and we’ll make it so.

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