Sport & Entertainment?

Sport in Sci-Fi World 2020+ has less spectators.

Rather than living vicarious victories through the athleticisms of others, we each find our own sports enthusiasms to keep us joyful, healthful, and creatively focused.

Sport helps us hone our mental capacity for urgency and pursuit of success despite facing challenges.

Less money is spent frivolously on Sports watching. Stadiums become smaller. People are busy living blissful lives in more ways. Spectator Sport becomes much less relevant to society as a whole.

In Sci-Fi World we use sport to refine our mind, body, spirit connection and to reflect on the many invigorating dimensions of life.

Many new areas of sport develop, each suited to sub-niche interests for different people.

My sport would be something along the lines of outdoor hunting mixed with extreme environment endurance and leadership training. Bring it on.