What Is Spirituality, Really? (and how can I get some…)


What Is Spirituality, Really? (and how can I get some…)

The clearest perspective on spirituality I’ve ever seen is a definition by best selling author Ayn Rand.

She said:

“Spirituality is your sense or view of life, combined with your assertiveness towards living.”

…your sense or view of life. (clarity)

…and asserting yourself into life. (courage)

That’s clearly an active rather than passive approach to spirituality.

And it’s why I best resonate with the Taoists rather than the Bhuddhists:

* Bhuddhists have as the first noble truth that “life is suffering”, and that we should disconnect from our attachment.

* Taoists on the other hand view life as natural and beautiful, directing us to live healthily, simply and enjoyably.

The choice is one we must re-affirm daily. Life vs Death. Growth vs Decline.

A challenging article ‘Spiritual, but not religious’ published by the BBC News Magazine (not the most honest journalistic establishment of course.. but a noteworthy article) notes:

…many now call themselves “spiritual” but not religious.

About a fifth of people in the UK fit into this category, according to Prof Michael King from University College London.

King’s research suggested that in the UK the “spiritual” group are more likely to have mental health problems, such as anxiety or depression.

And if it’s true that more ‘spiritual’ people are likely to experience anxiety and depression, the great question is why?

  • Is it because they see the bounds of today’s global cultural lack of healthy, honest, open, spirit?
  • Is it because they see and feel the genuine problems of humanity which others stay blind to?
  • Is it because they see the greater opportunity for health, real wealth and happiness that we could all achiever together?

Of course.

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