Social Processing


Social Processing

(This is Part 3 of 3. Part 1. Part 2.)

The Processing of things not directly of your self. Indeed, anything ‘societal’: i.e. concerning others, including one’s socio-politic environment, through business-oriented value creation.
Eliminate negatives -Removing blockages and suppressions on your self and loved one’s that are being imposed by their own selves and also from others (e.g. peers, parents, government, religious groups, etc.)
Accentuate positives -Facilitating development of loved ones, friends, and others lives by giving them better techniques, advantages or technologies to move past limiting factors to manifest their deep-down desires and create abundant happiness.
The 3 Factors applied to Societal Processing:


“Smash the control images; smash the control machine”. – William S. Burroughs

“Sacrilege, blasphemy, iconoclasm and protest. The control virus is in the word-image-symbol programming that makes up our environment. Our first task is to use media to disrupt, disorientate and destroy these lines of control. Break up those words and images, remix them randomly and absurdly and throw them back in control’s face. William Burroughs has given us the method: smash the control images, smash the control machine.” – Telesis Foundation

“New and improved Black Masses should be devised for use today. What words, images, values and traditions hold us captive today? These should be identified and isolated and we should endeavor to sin against them in thought, word and deed. Disrupt, disorientate, destabilize and destroy. Apply the discipline of Dada to the icons and dogmas of today, both obvious and subliminal. How are these control icons and dogmas implemented? We should find out and use those same methods to disarm them.” – Telesis Foundation

“Now, today, in the postmodern world, the ancient guideposts of faith, dogma, and certainty fade toward oblivion, causing worldwide confusion. That confusion sets the stage” – Neo-Tech

“The destruction-mode is the confrontational front-line assault in the culture war.” – WhiteRabbit

Keyword: Reject

  • Cause a clash between their context and yours.
  • Utilizes pattern interrupts as one liners, short, sharp, cutting memes; cut them off quickly, rejectingly, by confusing statements of integrated honesty and reason, that flip from where they are going (in their thoughts via their words) to somewhere that negates it by smashing it up
  • Antagonistic disparagement of other people’s DIMs (Dishonesties, Irrationalities, Mysticisms)
  • Simple driving against the grain, shaking up minds, saying / doing the abnormal / unexpected / unusual is thought provoking, train-track destination changing, train stopping, and even train-track flipping.
  • Take a person from ‘understanding’ to confusion. I.e. From them thinking they understand, to realizing that they do not and thus realize their own confusion.

Note: A meme is a contagious thought gene as labelled by Richard Dawkins. Any thought can act as a meme getting passed from person to person like genes in DNA.


“If Destruction is the way of the wrecking ball, Deconstruction is the way of the termite: careful observation of institutional structures and methods, in-depth analysis of the history and motivation behind and implications of cultural memes and then systematic breakdown. The investigations and explorations of the deconstruction-mode produce a wealth of information useful to both the destruction and transcendence modes.” – Telesis Foundation

“It (an introduction) shows us that the book claims more than it can deliver, that it has left something out though it claims to be complete. I take that to be the general meaning of the word deconstruction as Derrida has used it: not just using our words and concepts against themselves, but showing what has been left out or overlooked. In fact, better: showing that something has been left out or overlooked, that omission is structural to any text – and that we can find those omissions in the structure of the text – without necessarily being able to specify what has been omitted.” – James E Faulconer

“Avatars of Chaos act as spies, saboteurs, criminals of Amour Fou, neither selfless nor selfish, accessible as children, mannered as barbarians, chafed with obsessions, unemployed, sensually deranged, wolf angels, mirrors for contemplation, eyes like flowers, pirates of all signs and meanings.” – Hakim Bey

“Neo-Tech uses Heidegger/Sartre/Derrida-type nihilistic deconstruction to vanish Earth’s philosophies, religions, politics, and laws. Then deconstructs the deconstructionists to demolish their bounded anticivilisation.” – Neo-Tech

By people losing their souls to anticivilisation atrocities perhaps they are losing their emotion-backed addiction and attachments.

“Now, today, in the postmodern world, the ancient guideposts of faith, dogma, and certainty fade toward oblivion, causing worldwide confusion. That confusion sets the stage” – Neo-Tech

Keyword: Bullet-Charting

  • Utilize their context and expand or show limitations
  • Studying the psycho-history of Illuminati, politics, law, primary epics, anticivilisation psychology and philosophy, neuroses, Egyptology, Kabbalah, unraveling mysticisms and non-sequiturs (does not follow logically from anything previously said)
  • Learning about language, linguistics, semantics, general semantics, contextualism, etc
  • Application of the power of persuasion in ones interaction with others. Researching the psycho-emotional
  • motivations for peoples choices and finding ways to positively effect others choices of action, thought, and feeling


Transcendence is supremely non-confrontational:
“I resolve to keep from being drawn into arguments or debates. My purpose is to inspire people to want liberty – not to prove that they’re wrong.”

Keyword: Presence

    • Ignore, bypass, or transcend their context
    • Spreading business values amongst our friends, family, close ones, loved ones, the entire population, even our ‘hated’ ones

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  • Open, confident, expressive, value giving exemplar of Agape (Greek word for all encompassing love)

What vehicle or mechanism do you want to start or be part of to help process the world?

(This is Part 3 of 3. Part 1Part 2.)

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