Smart Cities?

The majority of people will end up living in one of two types of city. 

  1. Free Private Smart-Cities
  2. Toll-Based Welfare Smart-Cities


Toll-Based Welfare Smart-Cities



Smart Cities are the obvious future of all cities. 

Powered by DLT (distributed ledger technologies) such as blockchain, and modern standards for absolute architectural creativity, these Mega Cities cater to all of our needs for wellbeing. 

Achieving work/life balance becomes fully realized through digital applications that help guide our daily choices. 



SeaSteading in Sci-Fi World 2020+ enters mass awareness.

Floating cities, housing platforms that can be moved to connect to another platform community around the world, new forms of aquatic vehicle including UFO shaped boats, investment opportunities in an entirely new boom in property development.

Yes, out there on the open ocean.

Outside of the reach of national government legal zones.

New communities built in international waters.

Transport your modern floating home.

Feel the breeze.

SeaSteading in Sci-Fi World quickly becomes popular.



Permaculture in Sci-Fi World replaces mass agriculture.

Or that is to say, the spirit of mass agriculture takes on the values of permaculture.

Sustainability. Quality produce. Connection with Nature. 

In Sci-Fi World, technology helps us replicate the perfection of nature (biomimicry) on a grand scale. 

Food is plentiful. High quality. In perfect balance with the rhythms of Mother Earth.

Nutritions. Delicious.

Pesticides are abandoned. Monsanto is history. Sci-Fi World sees new forms of agricultural practice that honors and respects the long-term effects on us all.

From the way food is grown, processed, distributed, and consumed.

A magical outcome of combining modern technologies for perfectly ‘green’ agriculture. 

Local community projects help everyone become involved in the foods we eat. Technologies help optimise the nutritionally value of our food. Apps help us plan out diet based on metabolic requirements.

Health becomes the primary goal of our agricultural system. Not financial profit. Not pleasure. Not distraction. 

In SciFi World, permaculture helps reconnect us with mother earth.