Self-Empowerment Experiences Through Traveling


Self-Empowerment Experiences Through Traveling

My Journey:

Ever since dabbling in hypnosis at 11-years old (with 2 books that a friend and I bought with our paper delivery money) I have been on the great journey of self-improvement.

I have focused both on the rational process and procedures of goals, time management, skills, etc… and also the ‘spiritual’ areas of inner peace and deeper life meaning.

I have spent months with monks in Thailand, traveled 3 of the past 6 years, seeing 5 countries in South East Asia and 14 countries throughout the Americas from Argentina through to Canada.

After the year in South America I decided NOT to get on my return flight back to the UK… because at that point getting better at applying the Law of Attraction in a highly practical and realistic way…

A way I had learned from a recording of a $10,000 seminar… the most insightful and useful personal growth audio program I’ve ever heard (and I’ve heard most of them) called “Your Wish Is Your Command”.

And it was working…

I remember the moment of discarding my return ticket. It was a truly liberating experience. No deadlines. No boundaries. Just the open road and the application of my mind.

And I’m ready to share my story.

During the year of South American backpacking I multiplied a modest savings account (my travel money) on the stock market – and felt financially freer than I had at any time in my life.

…including my early-20s when I manifested the highest paid job of all of my friends including chauffer driven sparkling Mercedes’ that took me home every night from London’s investment banking skyline…

(My friends were mesmerised. I was clearly on to something with all these personal growth tapes and books)

…to my mid-20s when I took off for a year-long career break traveling South East Asia…

…to my late-20s when I rose quickly through management positions in corporate London and reached Head of Marketing reporting straight to the company Chairman, yet I had no real qualifications at all, except for my ability to focus my mind and break through limitations…

And now with 16 months traveling across Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico…

…’tragedy’ struck in the US (what irony!)

Just at the height of my new found personal and financial freedom, this year in March, a turn of events led me to lose my Apple MacBook Pro (my data), my iPhone and (drum roll) nearly $30,000 in the stock market.

Ups and downs… all the while developing clarity and mindfulness of the creative process for manifesting what we ‘vibrate’.

I understand why those things went wrong because of some crucial concepts that have ‘clicked’ for me by listening and re-listening to the audio program I mentioned above, “Your Wish Is Your Command”.

It was that program which made me understand I had the power to discard my airplane ticket and forge ahead on my dream of perpetual travel.

It was that program which helped me land a win-win client project for $10,000. And then a lot more from that same client.

And through that program I also understand how I sabotaged myself with the stock market losses – the deep learning I needed and thus the solution for how I can make it all back and grow in my successes with confidence no matter what obstacles get in the way.

I will share my new insights in our upcoming ‘creative manifestation’ workshop.

And I want to give this to you before I leave Toronto.

After this workshop I will take up my backpack once again for a new destination, a new challenge and a new place of learning. I like Toronto and believe as a whole you are at a cross-roads of a more active personal growth community. So I intend to make Toronto one of my regular visiting spots.

See the history of the law of attraction.

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