Revolution in Sci-Fi World 2020+

Revolution in Sci-Fi World 2020+ is no longer about one group of people decapitating another group of people.

Left and Right politics is disappearing.

The revolution of Sci-Fi World is technological, spiritual, visible to all, and daily.

Modern wonders replace old structures so people embrace paradigm shifts with ease.

Political revolution is seen increasingly as behind us. The world moves politically through Radical Centrism towards a refined version of Libertarianism.

Democracy is abandoned. The sentiment of Democracy is seen as “two wolves and a sheep deciding what to have for lunch”.

Radical Centrism takes root as Catalonia breaks from mainland Spain and the EU Tyrannical Dictatorship in Brussels crumbles.

Radical Centrism is about idealism with realism. The pragmatic middle.

That shift in mass political sentiment sweeps the globe and ushers in a new era of tolerance, respect, autonomy, freedom.

The economic boom created by Radical Centrism propels Sci-Fi World into super rapidly advancing new technologies and techniques that solve social problems without the need for group rights being imposed on minorities (the end of ‘national democracy’).

Instead, small local communities decide on their own governance structures.

Revolution in Sci-Fi World is peaceful, daily, leaving mass political violent revolutions a thing of the past.

But perhaps not before a final showdown with the current elitist establishment.