Resilience in Sci-Fi World 2020+

Life begins feeling easier in Sci-Fi World for millions of people.

Anyone with access to cryptocurrency funds, entrepreneurial tech teams, the boom of modernisation or natural areas of rural preservation.

These people experience new found resilience via purpose, passion, access to resources, and the good news quickly building about lifestyle improvements available to more and more people.


Some people holding on to old-world mentalities, or those trapped in a bind based on location, may suffer greatly.

Resilience in Sci-Fi World is about seeking access to the support and re-education and healthier more balanced lifestyle opportunities, while the old world structures of banking, academia, politics, and religion visibly crumble under the weight of millennia old corruptions.

Being on the right side of history, and building your own personal mental, physical, spiritual and emotional resilience in the lead up to Sci-Fi World will set you up for a spiral upwards into health, happiness and success the way you may have imagined in your early childhood.

A deep sense of individuated freedom and harmonious connection with loved ones.