Here are a few ‘lifestyle archetypes’ you may associate with…


From practical nutrition to the lofty heights of transcendental meditation, as a therapist you:
Learn about mind, body and spirit
Seek to empathise with the human condition
Help people along the journey


Knowing what’s wrong with the world is only half the picture… as the activist knows.
The other half, is getting everyone else to wake up!
An activist must combine
Ongoing learning
Experience of influence
Empathy with the audience
Effective tools
A clear message
Time and commitment


The artistic spirit emerges from a sense of wonder and curiosity
The willingness to experiment in creative design
The self-permission to indulge in floating time.


How to achieve maximum influence in your profession
Learn lots, quickly.
Achieve results, confidently.
Play the political game, where necessary.
Choose the opportunities to pursue, carefully.

Lifestyle Protocols

Regardless of your life path or lifestyle archetype, there are several lifestyle protocols that will quickly deliver the richness of experience that suits you…

Receive Cosmic Bullets of Honesty