Prosperity Protocol

What is prosperity to you?

This protocol seeks to define it, vision it, emotionalise it, and embody it.

1. Define it

“Not what we have but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance.”
~ Epicurus

  • Personal prosperity – directly personal things that fulfil you
  • Social prosperity – related to the close others in your life
  • Community – the types of people that surround your life that you do or may interact with
  • Environment – the lay of the landscape through which you navigate life
  • Global – Everything is connected in various ways and it all contributes to your prosperity

2. Vision it

I can only vision it for me. You’ll have to do a similar exercise and detail your vision for Prosperity. Don’t just think it. Ink it. Write it down. Capture the nuances. Put mind to paper. Some I write as specific descriptions, some as fiction writing, some simply as bullet point notes. Here it is:


Having what I need to spend time on whatever interests me.

I picture a large log cabin home inside a forest on high-ground.

In the morning from bed I rise for physical exercise outdoors, a variety of cardio, calisthenics, meditative, organ massage, and energy balancing… and a bit of vegetable care.

The organic kitchen is eminently efficient and the people around me keep enough variety so I get to sample and enjoy different foods. Always healthy. Mostly organic. Usually delicious. All the more so for the good feeling eating well gives me emotionally and in the longer term, physically too.

Then, to my study I go. I’m sitting in my warm, tidy office, with selection of books sitting neatly on handmade pine shelves. A large desk supporting an iMac and some papers – a print out of whatever I’m writing at the time. And a picture of loved ones (see the Romance Protocol).

In the afternoon, after my research and writing time, I have presentations to prepare for any events happening that evening.

The log cabin and our surrounding grounds function as a community centre and I run regular sessions on prosperity and survival, health and healing, spirit and integration.


Running these events and having the community centre brings me all the very best opportunities for the type of socialising I most enjoy. People on the path of self-discovery, empowerment, survival, prosperity, health and romance – just like me, but with their own individual approach. The richness of variety is enthralling from week to week.


The wider community connects the centre to other like-minded self-sustainable farms, organisations, events, and the good people that make up the communities of our rising new world.

We share and trade. We live in peace. We help where we can. We feel secure in knowing that we’re surrounded by people just like us.


The sky’s are clear. The mountains around bring beautiful seasons in full strength each year. The roads lead us easily to the main cities. Our community is mostly self-sustainable, yet the increased global securitisation and genuine (non-political) sustainability projects means that our community can take benefit from electricity, recycling, foods, various items within the Global Village.


Beyond the digital Global Village, leaving behind the old organized-religious / criminally political civilisation, we’re in the transition from the Old World to the New World.

3. Emotionalise it

For me, this means tasting and touching as much of that experience as I can both in waking state, daily lifestyle choices and also within the meditative journey of visualisations and energy focus.

  • Create a vision board with pictures of your ideal prosperous lifestyle
  • Internalise those pictures and bring them to life with movement, sound, texture and associate yourself into that picture. Walk around your vision as if you are there. Because in some important sense, you are.
  • Apply the formula given by Richard Miller

4. Embody it

Finally, the question is about how to get there from where I am. In a nutshell, continue:

  • Saving money in physical Silver each month
  • Researching location and property options
  • Learning self-sustainability
  • Developing the courses that will interest people to attend
  • Continue to vision it, emotionalise it, prioritise it and embody it

See you on the road.