Processing Part 1: Alchemy


Processing Part 1: Alchemy

The Art of Effecting Change In Your Own and Others Minds

Written in 1998, with a 5th revision in 2004.

Explicitly detailed: Keys for a 21st Century Life-of-Magic

Brace yourself. This might seem a little spooky.

(note: ‘alchemy’ and ‘processing’ are used interchangeably)


Definitions of Magic, Alchemy and Processing

‘Processing’? – It certainly isn’t a new method of pasteurizing milk or making cheese…

It’s synonymous with ‘Magic’, but it’s not about hocus-pocus mysticism or entertainment.

To understand Processing, first understand this definition of Magic:

“The art and science of effecting change in conformity with will.” – Aleicester Crowley

Now lets just take a moment to expand on this:

      • ‘art and science’ – Art as being fluid creative explorative and abstracting. Science as being calculating, definite, concise, measured.
      • ‘effecting change’ – Being the cause and having an effect. Doing stuff that changes stuff. Effecting change in others, one’s self, and one’s environment
      • ‘in conformity with will’ – Your Intent. Your way. Your desire. Your will

So putting it all together:

Magic is the approach of using those expanded ideas of ‘art’ and ‘science’ for the purpose of creating changes in something (career, lifestyle, anything) based upon whatever you want.

I don’t mean to make the ideas seem trivial, I just want to break it down into a really simple clear base-line idea.

I want you to realize that it is not airy-fairy, irrational, or even ‘spiritual’, like so many websites on Magic will make it seem, but rather it is a way of representing and harnessing our development, focus, drive and creativity.

The alchemists and heretics were the scientists, innovators and individualistic self-leaders of antiquity.

Processing represents that same idea of Magic based on using three factors: Destruction, Deconstruction, and Transcendence.

Therefore a definition of Processing:

The art and science of effecting change in conformity with will… via destruction, deconstruction, and transcendence.

Three Factors of Alchemy

      1. Destruction rejects the unwanted outright
      2. Deconstruction systematically clears the unwanted and develops the wanted
      3. Transcendence bypasses irrationality and struggle to leave an ‘out of their world’ Presence

Destruction | Deconstruction | Transcendence


  • Destruction is about death, obliteration, disparagement, smashing, eliminating, destructive side of spontaneity, decisive certainty..


  • Deconstruction is about investigation, analysis, argument, categorizing, consolidation, deep-thought, objectivity, reason, identifying limitations, borders and boundaries..


  • Transcendence is about creativity, intuition, emotion, transformation, freedom, passion, peace, creative side of spontaneity, fluid contextual certainty..

The above provides an orientation to the 3 Factors of Processing.

Processing is the effect of changing our environment or position in life via certain skills and tools that you will easily learn that can give untold understanding and power.

So keep in mind that these 3 factors are used as tools that help us find the path to manifest our desires; effecting the change that we want in our careers and lives.

Next you will see how Processing divides into two applications for our lives.

2 Applications of Alchemical Processing

Processing is valuably split into Internal Alchemy and Societal Alchemy.

Internal Processing

Here we focus directly on YOU. What do you want to do, have, and become. And what’s stopping you?!

Explore Internal Alchemy.

Societal Processing

…is about effecting change in your wider environment. Influencing others through business, science, art, and other value creation and value sharing.

Explore Social Alchemy.

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