Prepare Your Resilience To Survive And Thrive The Smashup Of Our Economic, Political And Social Structure


Prepare Your Resilience To Survive And Thrive The Smashup Of Our Economic, Political And Social Structure


Your skin crawls…

There’s no time to lose.
Your mind rushes through the survival protocol you’ve rehearsed a hundred times in your head.
Get the family together.
Check the local store for final provisions.
Batten down the hatches.
Grab the bugout bags and check the inventory list.
The economy has crashed. The government has fallen. It’s time to put your survival preparations to the task of keeping you and your loved ones alive, safe, and well.
That day has finally arrived.
Hi, I’m Gav from the UK. Prepping is different for us here in Europe than in the US, but whatever side of the pond you’re on, your ability to execute the plan and stay on-track requires the same mental and emotional resilience to see you through the collapse.
I’ve travelled 40 countries over the past 10 years including South America, Central America, Mexico, North America and Canada.
In this presentation I’m going to share how I mentally and emotionally prepped for survival to face whatever comes my way.
I’m prepared for a stock market crash.
I’m prepared for war.
I’m prepared for hyperinflation.
I’m prepared for grabbing my bugout bag and heading for the hills.
I’m prepared to fly down to Latin America and set up base in a secluded part of tropical paradise.
Whatever it takes to survive and thrive.
Truth is: We don’t know which way things will go.
I believe any sensible preparation must account for multiple eventualities.
The ONE thing that we do all need is resilience.
Mental, physical and emotional resilience to see us through those times of change and challenge.
The grit and determination to keep going no matter what.
And that’s not something you can learn from a book on prepping.
You didn’t just read a book on bugout bags — you actually took action and prepared.
You didn’t just read about long shelf-life meal replacements — you actually took action and prepared.
You didn’t just read about the importance of knowing escape routes and safe zones to head for — you actually took action and prepared.
So what about your mental and emotional resilience for when the SHTF?
I grew up in Britain but I’ve travelled the globe to make my preparations and build my resilience.
I’ve literally been bull whipped by Russian Speznaz fighters.
I’ve sat in snow wearing nothing but my trunks for over 6 minutes at a time.
I’ve motorbiked long distance through freezing winter.
I’ve backpacked with little more than a small bag, a big heart, and not much in the bank account.
I know how to stay resilient.
Both short term and long-term.
And I know most preppers are not very resilient at all.
They think they are, but they’ve never actually tested their survival resilience.
And no — camping doesn’t count!
Put yourself in a ring with a boxer, while wearing your bug out bag fully loaded, then wear a blind fold, and try to touch all 4 corners before ducking out of the ring — while the boxer pummels you.
THAT’s a test of resilience.
Even if you manage to stay resilient under that sort of pressure with total focus to keep both you and your loved ones safe — what about your family.
How mentally and emotionally resilient are they?
How long can you hold things together when the collapse comes?
As long as it takes, right?
When the electricity goes out… food supplies run thin… and you see neighbours now eye-ing at your house obviously wondering what food stores you have…
You and your companions will need to maximize mental, physical and emotional resilience.
Prepping is the easy part. Survival is the hard part.
That’s why I teamed up with a US combat veteran, a Russian Spetznaz trainer, and an Israel soldier to put my Rapid Resilience Protocol to the test.
As a licensed resilience trainer I teach people how to sustain ‘grit’ (mental and emotional toughness) during hard times.
I am preparing a guide for preppers specifically on resilience, focused on the critical mental and emotional protection measures that will help get you through the coming smashup of the global economy.
I will send it to you without charge in its current early-stage of development — well before it will be published.
And by all means, if you have resources to share with me, please send them along by email.
Click the blue button below, add your email and I will send you the outline for ‘The Resilient Prepper’ as it stands to date along with my short story written in the early 2000s called “I Am Earth’s Survivor”.

  • I will show you how to renew your mental and emotional wellbeing with a special 1 day outing in rural and urban environments.
  • I will give you clear and specific guidelines on imaginary scenarios with psychologically tough questions to ask, that will help prepare you for any and all eventualities, so that you come out on top.

It will be gruelling. Not for the kids, not for the wife, not for the feint of heart.
To your resilience for when the SHTF,
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