Politics in Sci-World 2020+

Politics in Sci-World 2020+ is seen as largely irrelevant.

And that’s because it is.

No more force backed taxation. No more force imposed regulation. No more fraud based corporatism.

New technologies have enabled We The People to expose Them The Political Parasites and their old methods of control no longer work.

Communications, the Internet, and blockchain have exposed political corruption to the core.

And better systems of local, inter-connected, democratic yet laissez-faire market governance has replaced the old wind-bags seeking unearned glory and power in politics.

Business is King. Science is Queen. Each individual is the Prince or Princess of his or her own destiny.

No group dares to force their narrow-minded will onto any other group or individual for fear of being ostracized from society.

That means, the business of politics as usual is over. And good riddance.

(to be continued)


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