Gold and Silver Investments (best of the best?)

In 2010 I made 400% on my money in the stock market.
But with the Fukishima nuclear plant catastrophe, the markets plunged and my risky positions mostly collapsed.
Now I’m playing it much safer, by buying physical precious metals as my main area of investment and asset management.

Why own Gold and Silver?

If you don’t already know, check out my other posts related to Silver as money (link opens new window).
Bottom line: Government paper money, the US, the Eurozone, are all going down. They’re going to crash hard. And all so called assets (which are really liabilities) are going to crash and burn too. See to stay tuned to what’s going on for survival and prosperity in the time between now and 2020.
But assuming you are savvy enough to know the world its greatly unstable, here’s what I’m focused on to survive and prosper financially…

Best way to own gold and silver

There are 3 physical precious metal ‘investments’ that I would very seriously consider, besides buying actual silver coins and storing them safely at home or with trusted family, etc. (I don’t keep any at home but I am Silver Stacking).
But the risk and inconvenience of keeping physical metals means that there’s only so much Silver bullion that you’d feel good about ‘keeping under the mattress’.
So what to do?

The 3 top physical silver investments according to my research are:

With all 3, you effectively hold the title to the gold or silver because it is registered as a bailment and kept off the particular company’s balance sheet. You hold the bailment title to the metal. So effectively, it’s yours.
Browse those sites and dig in to the FAQ to really understand how they work. I can’t recommend any particular ways to invest, but I am using these 3 and I can certainly encourage you to take a very good look into your options, given the ‘great collapse’ that it seems humanity is about to go through.
Live long and prosper.

Robert Kiyosaki, famous author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, confesses the truth about gold and silver investment and the bank that rules the world.

Agreed for the most part. But Goldman Sachs doesn’t rule the world. The people do!
Are you buying gold and silver investments? Silver coins? Silver bullion?
Check out my old post How I Play The Stock Market And Win. But bare in mind that my current approach is to be very wary of the stock market and focus on accumulating physical silver holdings via the likes of Bullion Vault and Gold Money (both are highly recommended – not as ‘investment advice’ of course, but just to have some real shiny stuff rather than all that government fake paper money that is going down in value every minute of every day).