Permission to Believe or Endeavor to Deceive?


Permission to Believe or Endeavor to Deceive?

I was about 14 when I read Permission to Believe and it gave me far more reason to disbelieve the religious theories of God and the Bible than it’s intended purpose of giving permission to believe…

And rather than attempting a rebuttal of the book I just found this brilliant article exposing in great detail the kind of observations I had (although at a much less comprehensive level).

Sadly enough, the author [of Permission to Believe] who declared his commitment to “the interest of the truth” actually turned his attempt to grant skeptics “permission to believe” into an endeavor to deceive.

If you’re a rational, honest, skeptical, searcher or activist, you’ll enjoy this.

If you’re a ‘true believer’, you’ll probably not be able to tolerate reading very much of this at all.

Here it is:

Permission to Believe – Endeavor to Deceive.

Or a pdf version if the article is no longer available.

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