Never Mind Your Emotions, Fix Your Physiology


Never Mind Your Emotions, Fix Your Physiology

“What makes life unbearable is not emotions but physical sensations.” – Van der Kolk

“When you have a persistent sense of heartbreak and gutwrench, the physical sensations become intolerable and we will do anything to make those feelings disappear.”

“If these sensations last long enough, your whole brain starts fighting against emotions. And what happens in the long range is that traumatized people who continuously have a state of heartbreak and gut wrenching feelings learn to shut off the sensations in their bodies. And they go through life not feeling their physical presence.”

Van der Kolk quotes from Darwin’s work”

“the heart, guts and brain communicate intimately via a nerve” – the pneumogastric or vagus nerve – “the critical nerve in the expression and management of emotions in both humans and animals…. When the mind is strongly excited it instantly affects the state of the viscera.”

This puts the vagus nerve as centrally important to both our physical state and our emotional state.

The vagus nerve innervates (supplies nerves to) the diaphram and much of our viscera (almost all organs).

“It supplies parasympathetic fibers to these organs, meaning that the vagus nerve is a “rest and digest” nerve, not a fight or flight nerve.”

With this insight you can begin to see why emotional therapy and clearing is difficult or impossible without somatic (body) work (as used in EFT, advanced CBT, NLP, and especially mBIT).

The field of neuroplasticity (changing / replacing / renewing nerve states) may be the fastest route to creating peace on Earth one vagus nerve at a time…

“through a brain-changing process called neuroplasticity, deleterious beliefs, mysticisms, faiths, and ideologies wash away among the continuous waves of honesty, rationality, tolerance, compassion, and art.” – Pax Neo-Tech

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