Morality and the God Concept


Morality and the God Concept

Follow the logic and leave comments below.

Here’s the text from the diagram:

the world exists so it must have been created

the world was created so something must have created it

something must have created the world

an atheist calls that thing ‘the laws of physics’ or nature

the god believer calls that thing ‘god’

Who created the creator?

the atheist asks ‘so what created god’?

the ‘god believer’ asks ‘so what created the laws of physics?

the religious person says ‘haha it doesn’t matter, nothing created god, god is almighty, go to hell or repent your blasphemy’, thus rises the arbitrary claim to morality based on religious faith, religious ‘authorities’ and dogma. let the jews, muslims and christians fight it out, but prevent them from ever again invading, terrorising, killing or forcefully converting any of the rest of us

the atheist answers: Existence exists: the laws of physics exist (regardless of where they came from), thus rises the objectivity of honest morality based on honest conscious discernment to the best of our current ability to accept the self-responisibility of understanding human nature/ physical reality, combined with individual preferences. let’s continue building a new world of secular humanism, tolerance, respect, intelligence, progress, business, science, art and individuality.

Is God a Fairy Dust Snorting Blue Striped Elephant?


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