Manifestation Mastery — A Booster Shot For Law Of Attraction


Manifestation Mastery — A Booster Shot For Law Of Attraction


Hi, I’m Gavriel — and I know WHY you struggle to get reliable results using the law of attraction.

I’m not promising a ‘magic secret key’ or a ‘secret behind the secret’.

I’m simply going to reveal which bit of the well known formula for success — the law of attraction — is the most common problem area.

And I’ll tell you right now, upfront, to see if you agree, before I get into my recommendations.

So first, here’s the basic formula:

“Whatever The Mind Can Conceive & Believe, It Can Achieve”

“You Get What You Think About Most Of The Time”

“As A Man Thinketh In His Heart, So Is He”

Sound familiar?

Of course…

I already know how well informed you are about the law of attraction, and of vibration for manifestation.

Otherwise you wouldn’t have come across this information.

Now: There’s nothing missing from the formula.

You just have to apply the formula right.

And it’s the power of intention that makes the law of attraction work.

That is: The strength of your Willpower to focus on the correct vibration of your intended manifestation.

What does that require?

What fuels the fire of manifestation?

We could call it pure heart-felt emotional conviction.

At least that is getting close to the complete answer.

Just like in this quote:

“As A Man Thinketh In His Heart, So Is He”

What is this referring to if not heart-felt emotional conviction.

We might also call it Love.

A full beam projection of love for that which you aim to attract into your life.

If it’s a relationship — can you beam absolute positive heart-felt love towards men?

Probably not. Previous heart-break lingers.

If it’s money that you wish to manifest — can you beam pure love for everything that money represents to you?

Probably not. Bills weight you down in the back of your mind.

If it’s health and vitality that you aim to manifest — can you beam a clean vibration with emotional intensity of what it feels like to enjoy absolute health?

Probably not. If you already felt super healthy, you wouldn’t need to manifest it.

So what gives?

How can you vibrate at the frequency of something that you do not currently have the real-life experience of?

Well, gratefully and graciously, through the power of intention it is possible.

You only need sustained bursts of matching vibration to create a chain reaction that leads to manifestation.

And chain reactions require energy.

Fuel for the fire.

It’s that heart-felt emotional intensity again.

But not muddied by the murky waters of regret, fear, disappointment, lack and limitation.

Your heart-felt emotional intensity must be pure.

It must be powerful.

It must have high charge.

Like a battery fully charged.


Most people attempt to use the law of attraction during the normal humdrum of daily life.

It’s like a depleted car battery. Turning the key only makes the engine sputter and churn.

So pay close attention because I’m about to demonstrate in minute detail what you need to do mentally, physically and emotionally to REALLY activate the law of attraction in your life.

You’re about to find out what it really takes to fully energize your mind, body, and psyche with enough juice to ignite the engine of manifestation.

You’ll now activate with ease the law of attraction so that health, wealth, romance and even power comes to you like it was always meant to.

Please note: I’m not here to teach you about the law of attraction, or to describe how it works.

My task is to help you energize your system so that everything you have ever learned about the law of attraction can work for you in full force.

Are you ready for that?

In psychology, the word used to describe a person with high capacity energy is Resilience.

Resilience is like your internal battery.

Low resilience is when you’re low on energy, get drained easily, and you take a long time to recharge.

Do you think high-power intentional focus to activate the law of attraction is possible when you have low resilience?

Not a chance!

High resilience on the other hand is when you’re already on full charge and it’s easy to keep you fully charged with quick top-ups. You feel wonderful and are not depleted by mental or emotional baggage.

Now how often does that happen every day? Not often enough.

When it comes to energizing your intentional focus for law of attraction, you need maximum mental and emotional resilience.

When you boost your resilience, you directly improve your ability to manifest using law of attraction.

Without resilience, you simply lack enough energy to make the law of attraction work because you are unable to focus on the right vibration of your hearts true desire.

Makes total sense doesn’t it?

Hi, I’m Gavriel. An experienced, trained and fully licensed resilience coach.

After dozens of coaching conversations about manifestation and law of attraction, I decided to capture all of my notes into a single streamlined power-packed easy-read action guide.

My one-to-one coaching costs hundreds of dollars for a few sessions.

And people pay it because of the results I get my clients such as these:

“Your principles and techniques go very well along with Napoleon Hill’s and complete them….Prepare for the day and control your future. I went through… and I’m following it to the letter. So far so good.” Israel David

“..’Celestine Prophecy’.. ‘ A Course in Miracles’. May I say yours ranks well up there with them. My hats off to you. Keep on keeping people thinking.” Dr Ron MacIntyre

“I have viewed a film titled ‘The Secret’ several times, yet I have absorbed your 9 Principles on more occasions.” ~ Josh Seymour

However: As word spread and my calendar become full I had to find another way of distributing this same information about how to energize your system for applying the law of attraction to reliable manifestation.

And so I am currently putting the finishing touches on a complete guide to resilience for law of attraction success.

It’s called Manifestation Mastery — The Guide to Resilient Intention.

For chapter 1, plus my 4-page tip-sheet of Instant Resilience Boosters (100% free), enter your email and I’ll then let you know just as soon as Manifestation Mastery is published.

To your resilience,



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