Mandy felt lonely… [results of her coaching experience]


Mandy felt lonely… [results of her coaching experience]

“I realize I’m just too lonely. And I’m finding that I have to occupy myself more often to stop feeling this way. Ugh!

…Oh gosh! I feel embarrass about all this emotional feeling.”

During our online chat, I responded:

“Don’t be embarrassed at all. This is what life is all about. Improving our emotional experiences by trying new things and getting new insights. Life is emotional.”

And what follows is Mandy’s testimony after our phone coaching experience with me — published with permission. A few personal elements have been removed and the name changed.

Coaching Client Testimony

It’s ironic how I discovered myself on a deeper level. I always thought I was a better person and understood my self. Boy! I was wrong.

I was a bit skeptical about someone coaching me. Like I said, I thought I knew myself well. I wondered “how can someone from a distance understand me and help me”.

I expressed myself to Gavriel, The Coach, on our first call, pouring out my problems and he took notes on all that we discussed.

Haha! I thought he was going to do some magic spell to make all these problems I encounter go away. Of course, he was honest to tell me that he doesn’t do such a thing. Yet, I wondered how he was going to help me.

What happened next was extraordinary and beyond what I was expecting. Beyond all my complaining I discovered something about myself on a deeper level.

My coach mentioned “validating and reflection” at some point in our discussion, and I didn’t understand what he was talking about until I read my own statements [after the call] and pondered on specific words that Gavriel had mentioned.

I was actually reading a real-life story about me. Then, BOOM! It dawned on me. A reflection of who I really am while reading my own discussion. OMGOSH! How can I allow others to control me… and I came to realize I really didn’t know what “love” meant.

Right now, I think I can tell someone that I know what love is. It’s not about loving yourself but validating your innate feeling for self and others.

Now that I feel I’m accomplishing some part of my life, I am thrilled to work on my next step.

Coaching Options

If you recognize the opportunity in your own life for making breakthroughs in emotional wellbeing and understanding how to nurture opportunities with the right kind of man, visit the coaching description page to register for your own experience with Gavriel.

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