London Riots of August 2011


London Riots of August 2011

“The London mayor, Boris Johnson, is apparently not considering cutting his holiday short. Kit Malthouse, the deputy mayor for policing in London, said [his] return would “kind of reward” criminality.”
That man has got to go! Kick the scum bag out. And Kit needs the sack. The London police may have killed a man and all hell’s a breakin’ loose. This is just the start of things to come
And Politicians will attempt to turn a blind eye and do nothing since taking responsibility, taking action and cutting your holiday short would be ‘kind of rewarding’ to criminality.
The only way out of the coming mass social destructions a…nd riots is for people to recognise and uphold the prime law:
No Force, Except in Self-Defense.
Do not start violence, do not initiate. But by sure as god’s will and universal abundance, defend against force with force.
I wonder if the investigation will end up another cover up or if we’ll actually find out what really happened with Mark Duggan and justice brought against those police. Surely all those friggin CCTV’s in the streets could have picked up a g…un fight if that really happened.
And when the news says “the violence and riots is nothing more nothing less than opportunist criminality” – that’s bullshit. The people are mad as hell about a hole bunch of things, and they’re simply not gonna take it anymore. No they should not initiate force. But government has initiated force on the populace for long enough. Anything can be a catalyst. And a man shot dead by police is a pretty good catalyst.

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