Life Purpose? — I’m thinkin’… “Eternal Bliss”


Life Purpose? — I’m thinkin’… “Eternal Bliss”

Why are we here?

It’s a big question.

So big that I dedicate an entire category on my site to it.

But the answer is actually very, very simple.

So simple in fact that you’ll miss the profundity if I state it as ‘happiness’.

So I’m going to clarify ‘happiness’ as ‘a state of enduring exhilaration with a dynamic mix of wonder, tranquility, and love’.

Eternal Bliss, in a nut shell.

But eternal bliss doesn’t come automatically. You’re going to have to earn it.  Through coherence of mind, body and spirit. Discipline. Productivity. Contribution. Not lazing about in a chair. Not passing your precious years of life in a job that’s ‘so-so’ at best. Not sipping on beer.

I’m talking about ACTIVISM.

First inside.

Then outside.

Being active towards your own optimum health, vitality, productivity.

And being active towards building a better world.

Your Every Thought

A short chapter… in a strange book, captures the purpose of my life during the death throws of the Old World that’s crumbling around us:

Direct every thought, every discipline, every effort toward the overthrow of the parasitical-elite class — toward the eradication of every livelihood that harms the value producers, the economy, and society. – A Single Credo for Neo-Tech Self-Leaders, Chapter 16, Zonpower.

How do we overthrow the parasitical elites to live with eternal bliss?

By removing their support structure, like a rug from under their feet.

And here’s where it gets ‘deep’……

My passion is effecting mass social change by enlivening the vital few who are social change agents in the making.

Those vital few must align together in concentric rings of coherence, all focused on the specific lifestyle pursuits of eternal bliss through self-responsibility and ACTIVISM to build a… ‘Cosmic Elevator’ that displaces the dull old world in favor of a bright new world.

This is my raison dêtre.

My soul is indelibly inscribed with the awareness of our potential for infinite happiness; eternal bliss.

My favorite author summed it up best when he said ‘my purpose in life is to conquer death’.

The window of opportunity we have TODAY amidst great uncertainty stirs deep anxiety. Yet daily life is ‘stressful enough’ without giving thought to global calamity.

Here’s what we can do:

Turn off the deadening deceits of mainstream media TV. Focus inwards to your self, your loved ones and community.

I believe that each of us contributes exactly what we need to the world, by focusing on pursuing our own bliss.

That means focusing on good health, clarity of life direction, a balanced lifestyle, rigorous priority management, synergy with like-minds, and creativity to give our gift.

Everything else is just a distraction.

This is the sentiment of what I call The Cosmic Elevator.

More on that coming soon.

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