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Life Coach

Written around 2004

Life coaching is a form of self-help where what you’re lacking is clarity, or motivation.

Until 2 years ago I’d never had personal coaching.

I’ve made up for it though.

In the past 2 years I’ve had 1 life coach, 1 sales coach, and 1 internet business coach.

That’s near $10,000.

Yikes, that’s a lot of money.

Maybe for some people life coaching is worth while. For me, none of that coaching made me feel much value for money.

On hind sight I should have spent $1,000 on books and audio programs, bought an mp3 player to listen to as I go about everywhere, maybe take a month holiday somewhere hot and sit by a pool and read my books.

Wouldn’t have spent half as much and would have got more input.

But life coaching isn’t or shouldn’t be the input you get. It’s the quality of listening that facilitates your own self discovery. Well I’ve got a questionnaire process that providing you’ve got some personal motivation already, you’ll be able to get out of that what is in my opinion better than most life coaching for personal development.

True I’ve only had 3 coaches so I can’t judge the whole industry of coaching. But these guys were top top top guys.

Edit Jan 2012:

I now realize Coaching can have a very worthwhile place in one’s own personal development but you have to include a lot of factors to make higher priced coaching worthwhile.

My 7 Dimensions of Life Management can do you wonders (if you do the exercises), and I can also now highly recommend Global Information Network for a cost effective, consistent and leading-edge coaching environment.

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