Joint Venture Opportunities


Joint Venture Opportunities

Whether you’re solo with a big idea or established with staff, chances are you and I could both benefit by leveraging the talents, network, time, efforts and current status of each other.

Let’s talk.

First, a bit about me…

So I know the online marketing game well.

And corporate experience too:

  • I’ve worked for Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, Xerox, Vodafone, and other large enterprises – plus dozens of small to medium business clients.
  • black tieMy career has spanned: ad agency copywriter, SEO manager, project manager, sales team trainer, Head of Marketing and more.
  • ThailandI’ve worked on marketing campaigns for brands such as Renault Cars and I’ve run my own information publishing business online since 1999.
  • I’ve also spent 3.5 of the past 6.5 years traveling the globe and enjoying freedom from corporate or home offices.

The conclusion from all that experience?

“I can confidently look you square in the eye and say that independent online marketers and small business owners are struggling for one very big, very bad reason.”

We both know online marketing can be a feverish race to turn traffic into opt-ins… opt-ins into responsive lists… and lists into giant streams of cash.

…all in the midst of frequent changes, new techniques and guru launches…

But during the past year of traveling across Latin America (from Argentina up to Mexico)…

…I realised the underlying problem… uyuni

I wanted the freedom to go and do anything – including spend time on jungle and desert expeditions without having to carry a laptop or power supply…

And I was sick and tired of having to keep checking my emails every hour, switching on the dammed computer every morning and feeling that pressure to get things done – it was a trap!

But I gradually found a way to free myself from the ‘marketing burden’.

And FREEDOM is much more Fun!

During the year of incredible fun and adventure my online business and personal success has grown…

…because I have focused on one single principle:

The more I apply this principle, the easier things get for me…

For instance: A company director from Canada found my site, arranged a call with me and then paid me US$10,000 to do a project.

Even paid for me to visit them in Canada.

So I also took the opportunity of doing some networking in Canada and now have several JV’s going there too!


To explain this principle, first let’s agree the big bad problem.
The problem is there’s only ONE of you!

Imagine if there were two of you…

…even three of you.

Then you could REALLY get things moving.


Because time is limited, even when your imagination, creativity, dedication and hard-work can keep going like an energizer bunny on Duracell batteries for months… even years…

…there’s still only 24 hours in a day.

And I know you’d rather be out in the world enjoying wealth, rather than working at it all day.

But no, the solution isn’t cloning.

The solution is the principle of

“Automation plus Synergy”


Automation means having:

  • software, scripts and systems that bring you sales automatically…
  • …and humans to manage those sales for you.

The trouble is you can’t trust other people to run your empire.

So that’s where Synergy comes in…

Through our new JV group, we can manage our own areas but gain massive leverage by tying some of our projects together…

…while making shed loads more money AND being able to grow your online presence, personal brand, contact list, influence and relationships with successful marketers to achieve off-the-chart sales – all at the same time.

So whether you’re a student, business owner or someone with a big idea… we may be able to do business together.

  • I provide professional marketing experience along with project management, copywriting and strategy to get things rolling and keep them steaming ahead.
  • I also have a very lucrative opportunity within the self-empowerment / personal development market that may interest you.

Get in touch, share your interest and possibly the gist of an idea you have, and we can take things a step at a time from there.

Next Steps?

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