John Gray – Mars on Fire, Venus on Ice


John Gray – Mars on Fire, Venus on Ice

Wow, I’m very impressed with John Gray…

I remember John Gray’s original best seller being on my parents book shelf: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

The past couple days I’ve listened to a recorded seminar with John speaking for several hours in depth about not just the ‘soft’ stuff about relationships, but also some incredibly detailed physiological insights behind how  relationships work… or fail.

For instance, in my message to a friend:

I’m listening to a relationships seminar with John Gray.

He explains that women need Oxytocin to feel relaxed (no stress), and Oxytocin is produced by them talking (explains a fair bit already!)

But if they’re stressed they can get stubborn or confused and unable to open up to talk…

…So, one ‘solution’ is to give them a massage, or to show appreciation, both of which Gray explains helps the release of Oxytocin…

…or perhaps just leave them alone for a while (well I think I’m adding to what John Gray said actually…)

Gray talks of cortisol which is a stress hormone which effects lots of women [in today’s rushed world] and is stimulated by testosterone… which the body produces when we achieve success! (good for a man but not so good for a woman’s emotional balance)

So women who are in high-pressure business that achieve regular big successes are actually releasing Testosterone into their system which stimulates their Cortisol stress hormone which supresses their Oxytocin relaxed hormone… Which makes them more prone to being irritable.

Something like that.

Interesting right?

That’s just one insight that I picked up from listening to the full recorded seminar.

John’s seminar is all about understanding the different dynamics that men and women are in so that we can better relate to each other and also manage ourselves and relationships more effectively.

It’s available inside the Global Information Network (GIN) members area for immediate download.

Of GIN Founder Kevin Trudeau, John Gray says this:

I highly, highly honour and respect the huge courage and sacrifices Kevin Trudeau has made going against the system to bring to all of us the wisdom that is in Natural Cures – John Gray

PS. GIN membership comes with full life-time membership to Natural Cures. Highly, highly recommended!

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