June 3

It's the Economy, Stupid (political philosophy: Capitalism vs Socialism)


…was a phrase widely used during Bill Clinton’s 1992 US presidential election…
…who then proceeded to stupidly sink America even closer to its current collapse.
But the market place is changing. Free Market principles are seeping into mainstream media and mass awareness.

Watch the Keynes vs Hayek Rap

And the article: The Brilliance of That Hayek vs Keynes Rap

Already, the video has been viewed a half million times and has made international news. Aside from its high production values, what’s remarkable about it is its theoretical accuracy and transparency. It has brought Austrian business-cycle theory from the background to the forefront of debate.

After the rap, continue with:

How the Stock Market and Economy Really Work

See Kel Kelly’s article at Mises.org
Some highlights:

“A growing economy consists of prices falling, not rising.”
The whole system of inflation is solely for the purpose of theft and wealth redistribution.
Government spending harms the economy and forestalls its healing.
“What is most needed during recessions is for the economy to be allowed to get worse — for it to flush out the excesses and reset itself on firm footing.”
The fact that we have to save for the future is, in fact, an outrage. Were no money printed by the government and the banks, things would get cheaper through time, and we would not need much money for retirement, because it would cost much less to live each day then than it does now. But we are forced to invest in today’s government-manipulated inflation-creation world in order to try to keep our purchasing power constant.

If you are a business owner or marketer, or ‘concerned citizen’, be ready for some great politico-economic shifts coming to a town near you.

Focus on value.

  • Value to the business (real bottom line profitability) via
  • Value to your customer (anything that genuinely improves physical, emotional, psychological, intellectual, spiritual wellbeing)

And watch out for a return to the gold standard. Real money rather than paper money.
Business’s that meet the coming changeover will be in an excellent position to profit and build a stronger brand.
It might take a few more years yet, but we’ll get there.

Naomi Klein’s Disaster Capitalism

February 2010:
I am currently reading Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine, and I have to say I am shocked.
Not only by the fascinating contents and details of history that she presents, but also her incredible narrow-minded naive or downright intellectual self-dishonesty. I will have more to say on Naomi Klein in due course.
For now though, and with this update and orientation for the site, I am off to visit the local mountain range with a Venezuela Lawyer, to enjoy new foods, explore new cultural curiosities, and soak up the Caribbean sun.
Update: Here’s a good video from Cato Institute:




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