Iron John Stirs [poem and book review]

I have never understood so little of a book yet enjoyed that book so very, very much…

Iron John by Robert Bly is a feast of historical citations to ancient and contemporary literature and culture with what I take to be a central theme:

The cultivation and liberation of masculine strength and deep authentic spirit.

Women can definitely enjoy the book too, as a) both sexes possess both masculine and feminine energies, and b) it will serve them to understand the strength in the men in their life better.


The image shown is by artist Matt Buck captioned “The Wild Man, from Iron John by The Brothers Grimm, being exhumed from the forest lake”.

Anywho… I’m 65% through the book so far and it’s now on my ‘favourite books of all time’ list.

I’ll share notes here when I’ve finished the first reading.

For now, ere’s an Iron John inspired poem:

Iron John Stirs

by Gavriel 

With the Heart of a Lover,

The Mind of a Poet,

The Body of a Key Maker

and the Hands of a Gardener…

What am I… if not a MAN?

Iron John by Robert Bly expounds on man’s place, heritage, power and mission based on the symbolic fairytale Iron John by The Brothers Grimm (click link to read it)

Counterbalance this masculine dominance with the feminine ferocity of Shakti.