February 22

He Found Intimacy With His Partner Only After Becoming Impotent


Thank goodness I don’t have Michael’s problems.

Although I do very much relate to his discovery of ‘deep abiding connection’ through loving intimacy.

He describes it very well through a humorous yet poignant presentation that I believe every man should watch to learn from and every woman should watch to know that men can be taught.

Michael went from the most shallow understanding of human intimacy to the heights of human intimacy.

And all it took was… a ‘little problem’.

Enjoy the video.

In this warm and humorous talk, Michael J. Russer describes how his impotence led him to discover the key to experiencing extraordinary intimacy with another human being.

Michael J. Russer is an international speaker and author of several books. He is also a prostate cancer survivor who was rendered fully impotent as a result of the treatments. However, it is because of his impotence and his conscious choice to go from being shut-down to fully heart open that he and his partner now experience truly extraordinary levels of emotional and physical intimacy beyond what most “normally” functioning couples can imagine. This makes him one of the most unique intimacy experts in the world.


emotional connection, sex

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