Immortality in Sci-World 2020+

Immortality in Sci-World 2020+ is now on everyone’s wish list.

Radical Life Extension Technologies (RLETs) are now hot topic in Universities, Old Boy Clubs, even mainstream media is openly sharing updates.

As the world moves onto the blockchain, with new and freeing systems of governance emerging, fraud being solved and eliminated, taxes being made wholly redundant, quality of life rising, people are now beginning to wonder… how good can life really get? And how long can I really enjoy it for to the max?

The commercial drive for biological immortality is now picking up steam.

The money flooding into life extension research is now huge.

Death is becoming public enemy Number 1.


The Search For Immortality Has Begun and Google Getting Involved Signals It Has Gone Mainstream. How Long Do You Want To Live?


Do You Believe We Can Beat Death? Google Does.



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