I Am Earth's Survivor


I Am Earth's Survivor

Open Letter

Dear Friend,
Will you miss the adventure of future technology, achievement and satisfaction?
Or will you watch government crumble to the wayside so that technology can soar uninhibited… providing us the satisfaction of every human need and desire?
Will you personally lose everything, by 2020, 2012, or perhaps even sooner (just as those of 9/11, or the military boys in Iraq), or will you make it to the other side… along with your loved ones.. in the war of two worlds…?
You will recognize your self in this story. Just as Evey said at the end of the film V for Vendetta in answer to the question ‘who was he’. “my father, my mother, my brother, my friend, you, me…he was all of us.”.
And in the story he is known as Que, and here is how it ends…
“The computer programming wizards helped end the stranglehold of politics by building a cyberspace ostracism matrix. Then nothing ‘they’ did was a secret from ‘we the people’. The people dumped politics in a heartbeat. And technology was finally free to soar in all industries, just like it had with computers.” – Earth’s Technological Evolution, 2030
And here is how it begins…
Sitting in his well worn comfortable chair, Que felt a series of chills up and down his spine as he re-read this story written in 2003, revised in 2007, and reprinted in the book Earth’s Technological Evolution. As he settled into the story, his breathing deepened as his mind relaxed and focused on it’s simple potent message.
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